What is the significance of Palestinian Land Day?

Earth is a place for the millions of living creatures which also includes human beings, Allah SWT has made the earth a place of human life and that they may gain much good in it. Allah SWT said: “It is He who made the earth tame for you – so walk among its slopes and eat of His provision – and to Him is the resurrection.”[Surah Al-Mulk: 15].

So wherever you stand, surely you are standing on the earth of Allah SWT, then we should always maintain and care for it. Land Day also becomes a very important moment and we know among others: World Earth Day and Palestinian Earth Day (Land Day).

Palestinian Land Day: After Israel seized about 21 hectares of land in Palestine; the village of Arraba, Sakhnin, Deir Hanna, Tur’an, Tamra and Kabul, the Palestinian resistance erupted on March 30, 1976, together against the ultimatum of Israel and a massive march on the streets resulting in clashes between the Zionist armies and the Palestinian people causing the deaths of 6 Palestinians and hundreds of others arrested. Since 75% of Palestinians were livelihoods in their own land, they could not accept the seizure of their land by the occupiers, so it is an important event for the Palestinian people particularlyand commemorated every year.


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