UN and the struggle to boycott Israeli products

After the long-standing Israeli violations with the illegal settlement projects, followed by a snowball of the BDS movement, the UN finally began to act.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has warns 130 Israeli companies for violating two international laws and UN resolutions. More than 60 international companies have also been warned for their operations in occupied Palestinian territories and engaging in human rights abuses and taking advantage of illegal settlement projects. OHCHR threatened to fully publish their report in December if the companies do not stop its involvement in the Israeli Illegal settlement project in Palestine.

We know that the BDS movement (boycott, divestment and sanction) has been going on for more than 10 years. The longer the movement grew, especially in Europe and North America. This year the movement began to show a greater effect.

After years of moving at the lower levels, this issue goes to the statehood level. Denmark has withdrawn $50 billion of funds previously invested through insurance and pension funds to German companies involved in Israel’s illegal settlement project in Palestine.

Six European companies are seeking redress to Israel as Israel destroys communications facilities, solar panels and other facilities they provide for Palestinians when Israel bulldozed Palestinian homes.

Student executive leaders at five colleges in South Africa and ex-political prisoners and apartheid organizations joined with South African country leaders in implementing the BDS movement over Israel.

Even this BDS resistance is getting stronger in the United States after the clause “promises not to boycott Israel” in providing aid to Harvey storm victims in Texas by the Dickinson city government.

The longer we see the snowball effect grew larger and larger. This effect also looks exactly the same as how the international community once boycotted action over apartheid in South Africa then.

Furthermore, the condition is increasingly becoming a moment with the release of OHCHR warning. A moment to say that getting involved, helping and taking advantage of tearing down and expelling Palestinians and build illegal Jewish settlements in the 1967 Palestinian territories is a violation of human rights, international law, UN resolutions and the 1967 treaty that involves Israel in it.

Then the next question is to what extent these OHCHR warnings could have effects over the Israeli illegal settlement project in Palestinian land.


To what extent this International law has the power to make Israel subservient. Where in history Israel, backed by the United States, has never been subject to international law and UN resolutions. International law does not have the power to use military force in its decisions.

The biggest effect in this regard is to further open the eyes of the International world against Israel and the United States. Empty promises about ‘Two-State Solution’, expelling Palestinian Arabs from their homes, colonization and so on should be able to open the eyes of Americans who had been paying taxes to help Israel. Open our eyes about the falsity of the Holocaust and the big lie about the name “the state of Israel”. (Iskandar Samaullah)

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