UIA meets with the Palestinian Ulema Council

aspacpalestine.com – Jakarta. The Palestinian Ulema Council (Foreign Affairs) held a meeting with the Islamic University of As-Syafiiyah (UIA), Tuesday (10/10/2017). The meeting wasconducted with the aim of informing the current condition of Palestine to the Indonesian community, especially among universities and students. The meeting, which took place on Tuesday morning, was mediated by the Asia Pacific Community for Palestine (ASPAC).

The meeting was held on Tuesday morning started at 9:50 am. The meeting held at the campus I of Islamic University of As-Syafiiyah, Jati Waringin, Jakarta. A series of agendas took place during the meeting. The meeting began with a talk show agenda with the PalestinianUlema Council(Foreign Affairs) related to the conditions experienced by Palestinian society in the Palestinian territories and ended by the visit of the Palestinian Ulama Council to the Orphan Boarding School As-Syafiiyah.

The meeting opened with the introduction of Islamic University As-Syafiiyah by the Vice Rector III in Student Affairs, Hj. Syifa Fauzia, M.Art.

One of the Ulama from the PalestinianUlema Council(Foreign Affairs) said that the Zionist Israel’s treatment will not stop colonizing the Palestine especially against Al-Aqsa Mosque unless Palestine is independent with the help of Muslims around the world. He added that the Zionist Israel will not cease to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque and Muslims are expected to continue to put pressure on Israel either politically or otherwise, so that Palestinian independence is achieved. In a meeting that lasted for several hours, the PalestinianUlema Council(Foreign Affairs) gave some suggestions of ideas to the UIA. First, the establishment of a commission among students concerned about the Palestinian issue. Second, the cooperation organized an international seminar to study the Palestinian issue both in any way. Third, establish a Palestinian information study center located in As-Syafiiyah Unit.



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