Tragedy of Deir Yassin Massacre

The Balfour Declaration was a spear of immense Jewish immigration to Palestine, then there were many problems and disputes until the first intifada in and the Palestinian revolutions happened which made many of the Palestinians were killed in the resistance. The peak of the resistance was in 1937 until Peel Commission issued a decision to divide the Palestinian territories: Arab and Jewish State which covers about 33% of the total area of ​​Palestine. The Palestinians pressured the British government, until they released a “white paper” statement: banning Jewish immigration to Palestine over the next 5 years and promising Palestinian independence within 10 years.

The Zionists were furious, then pressed the British and the Palestinian people by carrying out many attacks, the greatest one was the massacre in Deir Yasin Village in 1948.

Deir Yasin village located in the west of Al-Quds city, the massacre waged by Jewish military organizations; “Irgun” commanded by Menachem Begin and  and the Stern Gang” under the command of Yitzak Shamir were also supported by Palmach troops “Haganah”.

Sequence of Events of the Deir Yasin Massacre

At that time the Arab liberation army led by Abdulqadir Husseini managed to make progress against the Zionist-Jewish in Palestine, he managed to cut off the main road between Tel Aviv and western Al-Quds. Then the Zionist-Jewish forces threatened to attack Deir Yassin village.

Early in the morning of Friday, April 9, 1948, the “irgun” Zionist troops entered Deir Yassin village from east and south while the “Stern” besieged the village from the north. The attack was initially greeted by villagers with fierce resistance, four people were killed and 40 people were injured, then the troops called “Haganah” for help, they then fired the villagers of Deir Yassin. By noon the village was quiet from the resistance of its citizens, but the Zionist forces threw bombs at every house to kill every villager, and also shot the visible citizens on the streets, many of the villagers’ corpses were thrown into the well then covered to remove traces crime.

The massacre victims were mostly villagers; children, olders, women, and youth. According to Arab sources the number of victims reached 250-360 casualties while according to western sources the casualties only reached 107. Deir Yassin massacre was a factor of the exodus of the Palestinian people to other parts of Palestine as well as to other Arab countries as well as the originator of the Arab-Israeli war in 1948. (EH)

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