The West Bank Occupation

The occupation state (Israel) is currently controlling the West Bank territory. Although many of the Palestinians martyred or expelledfrom their homeland, there are still many Palestinians living in their homeland, whether in occupied territory 1948 or occupied territory 1967. The fact is that the Israeli occupation state that controls and has a dominant powerin the territory, namely that law, administration, and government controlled by the occupiers as well as soldiers and occupation forces spread throughout the Palestinian territories. Those arethe factorsof the difficulty of Palestinians from entering andleavingtheir country.

Peace Agreement and the Division of Colonial Territories

In 1993 a peace agreement was set up between the PLO led by Fatah and Israel. Which, after the agreement, Israel gave the Palestinians power to reign in certain areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But the Israeli occupation is still responsible for the external borderterritories.

To enter the West Bank, tourists must obtain Israeli visas and through a series of checks by Israeli occupation forces. In this case it is possible for the armiesto refuse and even arrest the tourists that they ‘suspect’. It’s the descriptionof the occupied West Bank [EH]


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