Borrowing the term of al-Quran “Lam yakun syai’an madzkûran”, then every human being will go through a phase; that is when he was anonymous. No one could call him definitively. When he was not exist and has not been present in the world. Even when he was born and came out of the womb, he was indirectly suddenly called by his name. Despite his parents had set up a name for him; much earlier before his birth. He was unknown. No one calls him, except when the parents take care of his birth certificate. Administratively, he should be named. And the Prophet recommended to give name of the new life on the seventh day as well slaughtered one or two goats that known as aqiqah (sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child’s birth), also recommended to give charity for him/her s well as for her charitable with gold with shaved hair from his head.

Slowly but surely people define themselves. He is also known by its environment slowly. Either the lovely environment nearby, or even distant hostile environment. Sometimes he is defined as kindness useful and loved, but sometimes he also known as a symbol of tyranny and damages that should be regarded as an enemy and must be shunned.

The identity of someone at least marked by personal and family name. Then work, education, expertise, housing and many more. The identification purposes has become a necessity in the socially of modern era now, even from the time when a group of human existence and the presence of other groups or individuals. The goal is simple, to protect the internal security or otherwise, as a form of externalization, marketing ideas and so on to other parties.

In the atmosphere of modern war, the identification of identity becomes more important. Especially if it is not used for internal security or to attack the enemy. Want to clarify the status of a person, whether he is a friend or foe.

Let see the context of war that is happening in Palestine today. It is more properly called assault, not war moreover conflict. Because of this case happened in two unequal parties. The victim that oppressed by the invaders. The great powers of tyrannical who manipulate information to take his side –Zionist Israel- with main theme DEFEND THEMSELVES. Meanwhile the victim who defends the rights and sovereignty are often verbalized as TERRORISM threats and BRUTALITY.

The Zionist Israeli air strikes on Gaza in the month of Ramadan have resulted the death toll at least 1980 people, according to data presented by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, through its spokesman Ashraf Qudrah on Saturday (16/08/2014). While the injuries reached 10.196 people.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairsin the Land of Palestine (OCHA) said in a report published on Saturday (08/16/2014), the number of people displaced by Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip reached more than 218 thousand people. They are spread across 87 schools belonging to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in various parts of the Gaza Strip.

The report states, more than 100 thousand Palestinians need housing alternatives after Zionist forces destroying their homes totally or partially damaged.

The large material losses experienced by Palestinians. Unilaterally they usually touted as the side that lost the war. Yet this is not a war. But it is a mass murder. A modern genocide. Massive massacres carried out systematically by the Israeli colonizers against Palestinians.

But in fact they are the oppressed, the Palestinians is the winner. The blindly Zionist Israeli attacks are the indication. They are targeting the resistance (Hamas), but in fact they do not meet the target goals. Otherwise what happens is the brutal attack on the civilian. And the biggest civilian casualties are children and women.

Meanwhile the resistance fighters (Hamas) get in from the tunnel and exit from the other tunnel. This is that makes them almost “untouchable”. Instead the Zionist soldiers into a trap with guts unstable though they boasted with a big mouth in mass media. Just like elite Golani Brigade was crying in the tomb of Sergeant Tase Shachar, in the village of Pardesiya, Israel, Tuesday, July 22 2014. Shachtar was one of the 13 invaders that killed in separate incidents in Syuja`iyah. They lit a fire in Syuja`iyah and create hell for themselves.

It is not impossible, the untouched warriors were also aided by other types of forces that cannot be measured, consciously or touched by ordinary human standards. Moreover in the month of Ramadan, the mentality and spiritual of Muslims is at the highest level. This is forgotten by policy holders Zionist forces.

The untouchable warriors were never stopped or even receding guts to fight for the important things in their lives. Even if they have to go against the flow of media across the world that is pushing, that gives a negative stigma to them. Even when relief material was difficult to get to them because of the siege blockade that never opened and resolved. Even when the moral support of their neighbors more impressed formality and mere lip service. The warriors were conveyed message loudly, that when the little concern or even nil concern in the world. They were surrounded by variety of nasty accusations and conspiracy that never ended.

The warriors are not only unknown identity of the member’s majority, but they are also not known where it was. Where are the centers of their weaponry. What’s look like their weapons inventory, and also their resistance strategies. And one thing we can be sure is that the death toll of civilians who died were, namely children and women. None oblique sounding comments from families of victims who blamed the guerrillas. All the people of Gaza compact to support Hamas. All even as updating their “initiation” at full resistance to repel the tyranny and colonization of the earth and their sovereignty. The warriors that cannot be touched by renewable weapons of modern weapons systems though. Also they cannot be touched by any sophisticated war strategy. Also cannot be touched by the maker or even cruel deceit. But, the invisible warriors –by God ‘s permission- has been able to touch the hearts of Palestinians for not yielding to the Israeli onslaught. Even this touches heart is humming to all parts of the world. Not only among the Muslims. But in the hearts of those who still have a sense of humanity. Because of the Israeli treatment is very over the limit for named as human behavior. Moreover, modern humans that often claimed that civilized and dignified.

When the night becomes dark, the dawn will rise …

The dignified victory is imminent. Allaah al-Musta’ân.

Blessing Note #28

Jakarta, 08/18/2014

*) Happy 69th Indonesian Independence Day, may promote the establishment of state & great nation and dignified and prosperous for its people. And do not stop the support for the Palestinian people to self-determination, from colonization and the tyranny that they still suffer.

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