The Secret of the Tasbih of Obedience and the Takbir of Victory

There was something that tickle the author when heard short speech by Sheikh Abdul Jalil al-Karuriy at the 9th Multaqa Ruwwad opening ceremony held in Istanbul on 20-21 October 2017. He commented the recitation of the verse of surah al-Isra’ which begins with tasbih and ends with Takbir. “If an attempt to defend Masjid al-Aqsa opens with a tasbih to Allah, then Inshaa Allah will end up with a triumphant takbir,” he said enthusiastically, enticing the participants’ applause.

Surah al-Isra’ which in several mushaf (Holy Quran) is also called the Surah Bani Israel (Children of Israel), opened with a phenomenal occurrence of Isra’ of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The tremendous journey from Masjid al-Haram to Masjid al-Aqsa is recorded textually in this surah. Rasulullah PBUH called to Allah to accept a decree about prayer. Allah did not immediately send him to Sidratul Muntaha and then to a place only known by Him. However, he was transferred to Masjid al-Aqsa. Absolutely, this contains a special wisdom in the form of a trust given to him and his people to defend Masjid al-Aqsa.

Thematic review of this surah shows the bad behavior of the Children of Israel in the past and predictions of the Quran about their future which is equally bad. The damage done or caused by them later will be the cause of their extinction. This becomes a stimulus that their strengths may seem great, in the essence becomes one of the main causes of their destruction. This because the excess is actually used as tools and means of the occurrence of damage on this earth. That’s when Allah replaces them with His generous generation of humankind, Allah replaces them with a genuine generation (acknowledge Allah’s) and truly exalts His names.

Thus, in the struggle against various injustice, including those carried out by the illegal occupiers in Palestine, it has begun with tasbih as the means of totality of submission. When praising, a warrior is sanctifying Allah. This means, he also sanctifies his struggle, sanctifies the motivation of his struggle, sanctifies himself from the temptations that may be found among his struggles; temptations of popularity, material and so forth.

If someone is able to do tasbih in totally, then the word of “SUBHANA” will be real in the form of mashdar which became the root word in Arabic word phrase. It means, with or without the presence of those who glorify Him, Allah is still glorious. Before the existence of any human, nature has been glorified to Him (sabbaha lillâh), and until now nature still purifies and glorifies to Him (yusabbihu lillâh). Therefore, no wonder, Allah also commands humans to glorify Him (rabbika’s sabbihisma).

The totality of this tasbih submission truly will subdue the ego and the intention of defenders of truth and fighters who oppose injustice. If, they do it right, then they will easily glorify Allah. In the prayer, Allah had made takbir as an opening and a sign of the movement of shalah. Tasbih and takbir are closely related. Therefore, these words become the most dzikir that a believer recites in his prayer.

If the takbir could be done lightly and continuously, then the time will come for a shriek of victory takbir. Takbir which marks a power of the Attorney who sends conquerors and injustice repellent. Takbir that marks the majesty of the infinite power of the Supreme. Takbir that marks the victory and alignment of the truth despite its few defenders and harassed by many. Takbir is a sign of luck and happiness. AlLâhu Akbar walLâhu al-Musta’ân.

Blessing Note 74

Istanbul, 21.10.2017



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