Istanbul back to host an international conference, this time is the International Alliance to Save al-Quds and Palestine which have annual meeting agenda of activists from various countries. In collaboration with Turk-Arap Iliskileri Merkezi and several regional organizations, including the Asia Pacific Community for Palestine, this international forum was held for three days.


On the first day, women activists from various countries came together to arrange program together and exchange experiences before declaring joint commitment to join the International Alliance of Women for Palestine. Indonesia was represented by Adara Relief International, and at the end of event the female students of Nurul Fikri Islamic Boarding School, Lembang, presented the appearance of angklung, traditional musical instruments of West Java.


The public event of the activist forum was open on Wednesday morning, October 22, 2014. Taking place at the Ball Room of Hotel Kaya Ramada Plaza where is located in Beylik Duzu in Istanbul, the event was attended by several prominent figures both of the Turkish government and NGO representatives and leaders of Turkey, as well some figures of the Arab nations.


Saud Abu Mahfouzh, representing the organizers presented their vision and mission of the International Alliance for Palestine, he conveyed the establishment background of this organization and also some the achievements.


The second speech, represented the host was presented by Dr. Nuruddin Nabati, a representative of the AK Party. He expressed his warmly welcome to the activists from various countries. Preface that preceded by screenings of some parts of Erdogan’s speech was very touching; confirms Turkey’s full support to Al-Quds, Masjid al-Aqsa and Palestine in general. “Now is the brainstorm session and speak to the world, there comes a time in the future we express stronger by working and doing. Each has its place and time” Dr. Nuruddin encouraged the conference participants, he continued, “The bureaucrats, politicians, scholars and all the social elements in society should we engage to support our brothers in Palestine”


“And last but not least, when I saw a lot of women here. They are mothers who have high sensitivity, compassion and motherly soul that is not owned by other than them. Let transmitted to women all over the world to pray for their sisters in Palestine with full sincerity and their motherly soul”


The third speech session was conveyed by Kamal Khatib, he is one of close person to Sheikh Raid Salah, activists of Masjid Al-Aqsa in Al-Quds. In his speech, Sheikh Kamal gave migrate analogy as inspiring struggle. Especially what Asma ‘bint Abi Bakr done, the symbol of the persistent murabithin guarding the cave and followed his father and the Prophet Muhammad to supply the food. So today in al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa there are thousands other Asma’ guarding Masjid al-Aqsa from the touch of the Israeli occupation.


“Know it, that Zionist Israel was not the first who commit crimes to Masjid al-Aqsa. They forget that the history will repeat the end of all forms of defamation”.


Sheikh Kamal thanked to all activists around the world who participated to defend the Masjid Al-Aqsa, although they did not see firsthand what was going on there. Defamation and destruction is real. He denounced those who know these conditions but prefers silence. He even analogized with a story. There were three young men who behave badly assembled. Then they challenged each other, who among them were the worst depraved, the meanest and the most despicable.


Shortly after that came along middle-aged woman, one of them suddenly slapped her, then laughed and said, “I am most despicable among us. See what I did to this woman”


The second man then got up and -pardon- raped the woman, then he shouted with a laugh, “I’m worse than you. Look what I did to her”


Shortly after that, the third man laughed and shouted, “I am the worst of you!”


His two friends were full of wonder to ask, “How is it possible. You did not even do anything”


The young man asked, “Do you know who that woman is?”


Both shook their heads.

“She is my mother. And I do not do anything to defend her!”


That is the humiliation for those who know what is happening in al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa which is everything for Muslims but they are remain silent do nothing to defend it.


Sheikh Kamal Khatib criticized the OIC that intended to roll out the program of Al-Quds as the capital of Islamic tourism in 2016.


“We want Muslims flocked to Al-Quds as Saladin who conquered and return al-Quds to Muslims. Not as a tourist and the traveler”


Chairman of the Asia Pacific Community for Palestine also expressed his speech at the event. Dr. Saiful Bahri, MA preceded his speech with a prayer.


“Glory to the One who tied the Aus and Khazraj hearts by faith. Glory to the One who gives His love of the prophet in the heart of Shofiyah bint Huyay. Glory to the One who helps Saladin al-Ayubi, Conquered al-Quds and returned the Masjid Al-Aqsa to the lap of Islamic nature. Oh Allah, free the Masjid al-Aqsa from the hands of the Zionists and the plunderer”


In his speech, Dr. Saiful conveyed the losses that suffered by the Jews of Medina when Aus and Khazraj at peace, as long as it is they who were supplying arms and join provoke a war going on between the two major tribes for years.


“So, who’s going to lose? Who is going to be disappointed? With the unification of the Palestinian factions. With the unification of the Arab nations. With the unification of Muslims around the world!”


On that occasion, Dr. Saiful has reflected the initial letter of al-Isra’. Why did Allah not dispatch Prophet PBUH directly from the Masjid al-Haram to Sidratil Muntaha. Why he layover to the Masjid al-Aqsa first. Among the lesson was to show that the Masjid al-Aqsa is the responsibility of the people of the Prophet Muhammad. Especially after he asserted in his saying, a unity of three mosques that has encouraged visiting it.


On this occasion was also attended by several important figures from various countries. Including representatives of the Turkish presidency presented by Prof. Dr Kudret Bulbul, advisor to the president of the Turkish foreign affairs.


On the afternoon sessions in the meeting room there were two meetings continued.


First, the Asian Pacific Community for Palestine during two hours meeting with its members, NGOs from the Asia Pacific who attended many of Indonesia and Malaysia. The meeting was attended by leader representatives of the International Alliance to save Al-Quds discussed some future strategic programs. The 4th ASPAC for Palestine Forum in addition described the short-term, medium and long term programs also to be forum of experiences exchange of various NGOs. ASPAC started with its flagship paper, Mini Encyclopedia of Masjid al-Aqsa (EMAS) and some networking work. Adara Relief International completed the three languages storybook, Rose to Rose from Malaysia explained their project to make comics for teens based on the data of the EMAS. Dompet Dhuafa also described educational programs and fairy tales. While Nurul Fikri Islamic school along with Islamic schools network and boarding schools also explained several activities. Likewise, the humanitarian program of KNRP (National Committee for the Palestinian People). Several NGOs complemented and catapulted some of their ideas. The ASPAC forum was also attended by Sheikh Ikhsaan Hendricks a popular scholar of Capetown in South Africa, who also expressed his pride for Islam in South Africa came from Indonesia and the surrounding region.


After the completion of ASPAC forum, the General Assembly of International Alliance to Save al-Quds and Palestine was held. This meeting discussed the report of the year (2014) and discussed the program in 2015 as well as several of internal and external constraints of the organization. The event was held in the meeting room along with the current issue presentation of the Masjid al-Aqsa in the primary room, followed by performing arts. And the second day was closed with suave and dinner together.


Istanbul, October 22, 2014


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