Takbīr that no longer thrilling

As takbīr echoes around the world, Muslims are happy. Celebrating Eid al-Adha, by glorifying Allah’s names. Not just one night or one day, but for four days. Allah grants a shiar through qurbani (sacrifice) worship. Sacrifice which is a highly recommended worship for Muslims. Stepping on sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim, and his family (his son Ismail and his mother Hajar) which was later confirmed by Rasulullah PBUH to run and set as a Shari’a for his people. Even, he never left qurbani every year, under any circumstances. Obviously, he said, “Whoever is able to sacrifice and he does not do it, then do not ever approach our mushalla“.

Allah’s majesty is increasingly felt, as two to three million Muslims simultaneously gather together in the same place, whiten the Arafat, wukuf (silence or stop), munajat (whispered prayer), looking up and calling the same God. God who bestowed the happy day, Eid al-Adha.

So it should be, the shiar of religious teachings, is to add happiness for Muslims in running the Shari’a and religious teachings. The teaching that liberating various kinds of slavery, from anything and anyone.

The festive echo of takbīr should make this people not only happy, but they are also proud of and play a role in life, and also rewarded for humanity. Things that should make “others” at least appreciate and do not dare to interfere.

Unfortunately, the happiness and the proud dream turned around to reality. What a sad and unstoppable tribal story on the land of Sham, in the holy land of Baitul Maqdis, Palestine, now re-enacted another tyrannical story. It is the story of ethnic Muslims of Rohingya from Rakhine State, in Myanmar. Though they were a part of the struggle story of the people of Burma (now Myanmar) in the fight against British colonialism. Unfortunately, the story of their struggle ends with the betrayal of fellow nations who had once been together to fight against colonialism. They only considered as migrants and then not even accepted by the Myanmar government. They were expelled, asked to return to their homeland, Bangladesh. But the Bangladeshi government was half-accept. Neighboring countries did help them, but they did not seem so serious, so thousands of lives remained unsaved, and tens of thousands of others faltered. They, being a nation without a state, stateless.

Actually, in every country there will always be multi ethnicity. And in fact they can live side by side, although sometimes conflict occurs because of the various dynamics that occur. However, what is happening in Myanmar, is a cruelty that must not only be stopped, but the perpetrators must be dragged and punished fairly.

Why is new world order that often claimed always modern unable to stop this injustice? Why is the blood and life of Muslims so worthless to be protected?

And why is the echo of takbīr that is clearly heard through the loudspeaker no longer thrilling and prevented the act of injustice against Muslims?

In addition to mobilizing international and massive humanitarian and also advocacy assistance, we need to take an introspective approach of takbīr. Is the of takbīr spoken and out-of-the-mouth rue and able to bring Allah’s majesty and greatness. If the fact is, Allah becomes small and lost in life, because we no longer ensoul the takbīr, then maybe this is one of the reasons our lives become small and worthless. In fact, before takbir of Eid al-Adha, we have takbīr five times every raka’ah in our prayers.

Save Muslim Rohingyas, the Palestinians. Start with the right takbīr. Glorify Allah in ourselves.

Blessing Note 67

Jakarta, 09.02. 2017




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