Sudanese minister calls for normalisation with Tel Aviv – Khartoum. The Israeli newspaper Haartez has welcomed statements made by the Sudanese Minister Mubarak Al-Fadil Al-Mahdi who expressed his support for the establishment of official relations with Israel, claiming that Palestinians are to blame for selling their land in the first place.

Al-Mahdi, who is Minister of Investment in Sudan, stated during an interview with a Sudanese TV channel yesterday that there should be no objection to the idea of normalising relations with Israel, pointing out that this can serve the interests of Sudan.

He said that “Palestinians have normalised their relationship with Israel. Palestinians are getting tax money from Israel and electricity from Israel too. Palestinians sit with Israel and talk to Israelis. It is true that there is an ongoing conflict between them, but they sit with them.”

Al-Mahdi, president of the Umma Party, claimed that Palestinians bear a great deal of responsibility for their ordeal. The Arab countries have also made many mistakes with regard to Palestine, including abstaining from voting on the partition plan during the United Nation’s General Assembly back in 1947, he said.

One of the steps that Tel Aviv suggested to several European countries is that they provide financial aid to Sudan to help it face its huge external debt that exceeds 50 billion dollars and also look into the possibility of canceling part of that debt.



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