Study about One State Solution at University of Indonesia– Depok. The Student’s Association of Health Faculty of University of Indonesia (IKM FKUI) held an Inspirasi Islam Sore (INSIS) Talkshow, with the themed One State Solution: A Solution for Peace, Thursday (5/18/2017). The goal of the event wasto provide intelligence on one state solution and its impact on Palestine. The agenda was generally addressed toIKM UI and specifically to IKM FKUI.

In the event, Asia Pacific Community (ASPAC) for Palestine became the speaker. An ASPAC member who became the speaker in the event was Ust. Ahmad Yani, MA (member of ASPAC study & media division). In addition, other sources also attended the event, namely Arya Sandhiyudha (International Political Observer, Fatih University of Turkey).

The event lasted for 2 hours, located at KC Room 201, College Science Building(Gedung Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan) of University of Indonesia, Campus of University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java. The event hosted by moderator Faqih Hindami Alwi.

In the event there were important points that couldbe taken. First, the blasphemy perpetrated by Zionist Israel against the Palestinians until now still felt, even experiencing a remarkable increase. In addition, the pressures given by Israel against the Palestinian people are carried out internally and externally. Secondly, the issue of Palestinian refugees is a complicated issue, due to the difficulty of returning to Palestine. Third, the issue of Palestinian independence is something that must be fought by Indonesia. This is because Indonesia-Palestine is bound by 3 knots namely, historical knot, humanitarian knot and constitution as well as religious knot.Fourth, the one-statesolution is not an ideal solution and difficult to achieve, because of historical and geopolitical factors in the Arab world, especially in Palestine. Fifth, the ideal solution today is two-state solution. Sixth, the task of students as part of the Indonesian nation must continue to voice and review every situation and development in Palestine.




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