Salam UI Scheduled Book Review Created by Aspac for Palestine

Salam UI scheduled book review created by Aspac for Palestine


Student activists incorporated in Salam UI (University of Indonesia) visited ASPAC for Palestine’s office on Thursday (5/6). The visit was welcomed by the Chairman of ASPAC, Dr. Saiful Bahri, MA. Accompanied by some staff of daily board, division studies and media information division.

The visit was very friendly, after each one had introduce themselves, as chairman of ASPAC Saiful explained the history of the organization and the current activities that have been carried out.

According to Saiful, ASPAC gave special attention to the campuses, because campus is a gathering place for students in order to make it easy to socialize about Palestinian cause. He also explained in helping the Palestinians cause did not only about fundraising, but also about expanding insight.

At the beginning of its establishment, ASPAC held the international meeting that involving 23 countries. Each of them sent their delegations. In 2014, this Palestinian NGO has published 2 books, Mini Encyclopedia of Al-Aqsa and the Forbidden Country. Both of these books are now ready to be review, both for students and teachers.

On that occasion Saiful also wished to make student alliances in entire of Indonesia for Palestine. Because, in the International event of Palestinian NGO from 9 divisions of each country Indonesia did not have students and youth representative for Palestine. “If it is initiated by the SALAM UI in collaboration with other campuses, it is certainly a very good thing at all,” Saiful whised.

In the occasion, the representatives of SALAM UI also shared the agenda, including the possibility of conducting a book review by ASPAC for Palestine, the time will be confirmed to the ASPAC later. (MSY)

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