The prayers of Prophet Ibrahim PBUH were immortalized by the Qur’an, some of his life stories were summarized in a series of pilgrims performed by the ummah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Among them, the command of sacrifice, could not be separated from the heroic sacrificial story full of spiritual adventure experienced by Prophet Ibrahim PBUH.

In a rare encounter with his son, Ibrahim got a tough test. The tested that determined identity, raised its degree as a person who loves Allah. A sincere love that would surely be able to sacrifice anything or anyone, not least his favorite child though.

Prophet Ibrahim PBUH as a father, he sacrificed all flavors. Feel the longing for the child. Pain unfortunately. All the senses that every father would have understood.

Prophet Ismail as a child, he sacrificed with all his soul. Because he also became the actor who was directly involved. Ismail understood this was not his father’s will. Ismail understood that there was a Dzat that the power was much greater than his father. Ismail understood that his father was only doing orders. Ismail understood that his father was also pressing all senses to him. Ismail understood that his father’s love for him was beyond doubt. Ismail understood that he was taught that it was time to offer a sacrifice. The opportunities that might would never happen again.

Hajar, mother of Ismail and Ibrahim’s wife. She certainly sacrificed with all her soul and all her senses. Although explicitly rarely explored in the sacrificial story, but let us visualize the condition of this pious woman.

Her sacrifice was already visible with the full Qana’ah (satisfaction) accepted the decision be abandoned by her husband. She and her son must live alone in a valley that has no life there. She also understood this was a mission from Allah that obtained a boy to her and her husband. Therefore, when there was a slaughtering command, she immediately understood. It was not just any test. Hard, but she understood and knew what to do. Strengthens herself and her husband and child. It could be that she was indirectly involved. But the upbringing of her creed gave birth to Ismail who immediately ready to sacrifice his soul. Her husband’s nurture deeply on his character.

In the good days of this month of Dhu’l-Hijjah, we learn to sacrifice from the family of Prophet Ibrahim PBUH. To sacrifice whatever Allah grants and honors to us. Because the essence of sacrifice is neither blood nor flesh, but piety. A person will lightly sacrifice the time, energy, soul, body, property and everything for Allah. And because he does not know which of these sacrifices will perpetuate his name with Allah.

Recite the Surah Ash-Shu’ara: 84, “And grant me a reputation of honor among later generations.”. Allah granted the prayer of Prophet Ibrahim, his eternal name always recite by the lips of righteous people; at least at the end of each tahiyat in their prayers.

In this good month, remember those who still confined to a oppression, imprisoned by limitations, fell into the trappings of negative stigmas, vilified by the oppression of the occupiers. Treasure, the land was taken with no mercy. Beloved people are scattered by the avidity of the invaders. Frequently the children no longer know and meet their father. Many women became head of the family. That is a fragment of the sacrifices story of the Palestinian people who live in the modern world with conditions far from the right as human beings who have the right to get freedom and sovereignty.

Be Ibrahim, or Ismail, or Hajar. Help them with anything. The wealth, small or large, is relatively. Time, that the value is also relative. Real soul and body only as a place to live the spirit, love, and sacrifice. For if not so, the body becomes contemptible when filled with anger, wrath, injustice, and negligence in carrying out Allah’s mandate in the world.

Blessing Notes 66

Jakarta, 27.08.2017



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