Sabra and Shatila Genocide

The world will never forget the massacre that was happening in September 1982 in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps that killed thousands of lives. The tragedy is known as the Sabra and Shatila Massacre. The massacre was not the first and the last that done by Israel against the Palestinian people. The another brutal massacre where they had done in Gaza were, Deir Yasin, Qibya, Tantour, Jenin, Al-Quds, Hebron and other places in Palestine. Although various pretexts conveyed by Israel as scenario for those cruel massacred, such as against the Palestinian fighters, but the majority victims of the massacred were children, women, the elderly and civilians. And this time, after the facts were happening repeatedly, the world community can no longer be deceived by the false pretext and scenarios.

Sabra is a refugee camp in the southern suburbs of West Beirut, Lebanon, next to the UNRWA refugee camps (the UN agency for Palestine Refugees), dan Shatila is an area that was built for the Palestinian refugees in 1949. For years residents of both regions diffuse mutually, so that their places subsequently known as Sabra-Shatila camp. 

The painful memory of 32 years ago in September is still remained and always carries the memory of the Palestinian people and the world to the tragedy of the slaughter of their brothers in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, in Palestinian and Lebanese borders. The Palestinians massacred happened in the span of three days, 16 to 18 September 1982, it was well-organized. Even though it was taken place in a very short time, the victims were killed in the incident was estimated around 3500 people, even according to other sources the death toll reached 8,000.

In susceptible history of Jewish Zionist colonization in Palestine the slaughter was a very heinous massacre that took place in Palestine, and could be categorized as genocide against the Palestinian people. The data of the victims confirmed about this genocide atrocities. Nearly 99% of massacre victims were children, women, elderly people and civil society who were in refugee camps. They were not indicated did any crimes and feud.

Since June 1982, actually the Israeli invasion of Lebanon has main target to attack Palestinian fighters and their allies. The Israeli government permit the Israeli forces entered up to 40 km into Lebanese territory from the safe zone (near the border), but Ariel Sharon violated those instructions and ordered his troops advanced to Beirut.

The battle conditions were so virulent between Palestinian fighters and Israeli encouraged the Lebanese government ordered Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian fighters out of the country. About 20 thousand Palestinian fighters then sailed to Tunisia supervised by American soldiers and UN.

On 14 September 1982 Bashir Gemayel who had been sworn in three weeks as President of Lebanon, held a meeting at the headquarters of the Phalangist party. Bashir Gemayel is the son of the founder of Phalangist Party, Piere Gemayel. When he was speech, a bomb exploded at the headquarters, killing Bashir Gemayel and 25 of his followers. Elie Hobeika (Phalangist leader) at the time was pretty sure that the murder suspected of Bashir was part of the remains of Palestinian fighters. According to Elie, most of Palestinian fighters were still hiding in the Palestinian refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila. The accusations were met with the interests of Israel to paralyze the fighters and committed genocide against the Palestinian people. The accusations proved totally wrong, after it was realized that the assassin of President Bashir Gamayel was a Lebanese Christian Phalangist, named Habib Al-Shartouni recruited by the Syrians.

Based on the false charged, the grudge of Phalangist and ruthless mission of Israel met. On 16-18 September 1982 the Phalangist forces in cooperation with the Zionist Israeli were hunted down the Palestinian fighters that believed were still remaining in Sabra and Shatila refugee camp. They terrorized and massacred Palestinian refugees.

The atrocities that happened in Sabra and Shatila shook the world and made headlines in various international media for a long time. About 300 thousand Israelis held a demonstration to press the Government to investigate the involvement of Ariel Sharon and the Israeli army in the incident. A special committee formed by Israel (Kahan) finally declared Ariel Sharon was guilty, for allowing the Phalangist entry into the camps until the massacre happened. However, not only that, because the byname of Sharon as a butcher of Sabra Shatila because Ariel Sharon is a war criminal, he designed scenario massacre of Sabra and Shatila, paving the action way by besieged the refugee camp as well as covering the news of the bloody massacre.(mhmmd)

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