Palestinian Scholar Visited “Sumatera Ekspres” Briefing on Palestinian Issue

Palembang – a Palestinian scholar Sheikh Ja’far Yousef and National Committee for the Palestinian People (KNRP) of South Sumatera visited the News Office of Sumatera Eskpres on Jalan Kolonel Haji Burlian, Palembang, South Sumatera on Friday (23/3/2018). Sheikh Ja’far delivered the blessing of Palestine and the urgency in defending it. He delivered the current situation of Palestine to team of the Sumatera Ekspres.

“Palestine is a blessed country so Allah made the event of Isra Mi’raj in the Aqsa Mosque in Palestine. It was in Palestine Our Prohet PBUH became an imam when he firstly received the command of prayer, “said Sheikh Ja’far conveys the blessing of Palestine.

The Palestinian scholar was accompanied by a group of KNRP delegation including Mokhammad Siswandi, head of KNRP for Sumsel Region; Wilmar, Program Manager of Central KNRP; Muhammad Ikhsan Manager of Public Relations of South Sumatra; and Siswoyo, Treasurer of KNRP South Sumatra.

Syeikh Ja’far explained when the Muslims had forgotten the importance of Palestine there came the Zionist Jews seized the land of Palestine.

“Jews in droves come to Palestine and drive out Palestinian people and often kill them. The Palestinian issue doesn’t belong to solely Palestinians, but it is a problem of Muslims around the world, including Indonesia, “added the Palestinian scholar who has visited Indonesia three times.

Nurseri Marwah, Chief of  Sumatera Ekspres, warmly welcomed the visit of KNRP and the Palestinian scholar. She and all of her staff thanked him for coming to Sumatera Ekspres. According to her that it was an honor moment being visited by a Palestinian scholar and KNRP delegation.

At the end of the meeting, Sheikh Ja’far  draped a Palestinian knitted-scarf around the neck of Chief of Sumatera Ekpres as a symbol of friendship. At the end of the meeting, KNRP invited Sumatera Ekspres to be present and enliven a charity concert in solidarity towards Palestine in PSCC Palembang (24/3/2018) (yp / KNRP/ i7).

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