Numbers and Limits of Abilities

Human life is limited by space and time. However, the boundaries of time and space essentially only Allah who has it. He can create a great distance for someone and on the contrary He is able to bring the distance to the other. He can shorten the time for someone and can also lengthen as He wishes.

Take a look, a very short time according to ashâbul kahf who were in the cave, is equivalent to 300 or 309 years old. Similarly, the very far distance became very close when Suleiman travelled, because he was blessed with a ‘vehicle’ of super-fast wind. Likewise, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH while he travelled toward Allah, through the skies and then sidratul muntaha, then full of mystery in which his encounter with Allah occurred. Time and place do not apply before Allah, because He is the Creator. Prophet Muhammad PBUH also travelled unlimited distance with a very short time.

Time also becomes the size of modern human according to his interests. For the materialists, time is the material asset. For the capitalists, time must be cashed. Time is an opportunity for anything.

No wonder the Qur’an contains the types of time in it. Night, most commonly referred to as frequency. While the morning is the type of time that most variants. The privileges of night time are numerous. Among other things, Allah chose the night in which the Qur’an began to be revealed. Explicit information about the revelation of the Qur’an in the night can be known from the beginning of Surah ad-Dukhan and Surah al-Qadar. Therefore, Allah also commands His prophet and His people to recite the Qur’an, especially at night, even this commandment repeats twice with the same redaction in one verse at the end of Surah al-Muzammil (verse 20).

Interestingly, Allah also swears on behalf of the aggregate of time through the beginning of Surah al-Ashr. “Wal ‘ashr” (By time,), shows that almost the average of mankind is in loss. Because al-Ashr is time squeeze, time productivity is not just a look at the numbers. Either the time passes or even the result number. This proves that a fifty-year-old must be better than a twenty-year-old. Similarly benchmark the material number. Someone who gets a monthly take-home pay of billions, is not necessarily better than someone who only gets a few million.

Among the examples that clarify the relativity of these numbers is the young age of friends such as Aisha bint Abi Bakar, Mu’adz bin Jabal, Abdullah bin Abbas and other companions are often referred to senior companions (kibâr ash-shahâbah). Imam an-Nawawy ad-Dimasyqi, who is forty-five years old, has monumental works and there are so many.

Prophet Noah PBUH, sent by Allah to his people, “And We certainly sent Noah to his people, and he remained among them a thousand years minus fifty years, and the flood seized them while they were wrongdoers.”(Surat Al-Ankabût: 14)

If using a modern standard measure then Prophet Noah could be categorized as a failed prophet. Because the opportunities he has were very much, but the results were not as expected. In fact, on the contrary, the Prophet Noah was one of five special prophets who are called by ulul azmi. He became very iconic with patience. Talking about patience and persistence cannot be missed without touching the story.

Thus, the simple conclusion of this article is that the numbers only help humans to measure a performance and facilitate evaluation. However, the value and quality is only Allah who determines. That’s the limit of human ability. It is limited by space and time. So, if he is able to skip it with quality, he will escape of the trap of harm as Allah affirmed in surah al-Ashr. That is what is called the quality of life (blessing). Allah blesses someone’s time also where he is. Come closer to the orbit of blessing.

Among the orbit of blessing that Allah created on this earth is al-Masjid al-Aqsa. In the language of the Qur’an, Allah blesses itssurroundings (see Surah al-Isra’: 1). However, the meaning of “haul” here does not necessarily indicate the boundaries of space and time. That is the meaning that moves a Maimunah to reach the blessing of Bait al-Maqdis (see Blessing Note #75: the Lights of Bait al-Maqdis)

With limited time and also limited space, do “anything” that is considered good by Allah, because He is the One who determines the quality of deeds that become weighted goodness quality. As for any movements of our deeds, it will certainly bring risk or comment from others. With or without comment, Allah is the one who judges. So, just do it! Anything. Let Allah see and judge. WalLâhu al-Musta’ân.


Blessing Notes #79

Jakarta, 04.12.2017


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