Move to ban media from publishing details of Palestinians killed or wounded by Israeli forces – Palestine. Israel’s Knesset (Parliament) Ministerial Committee for Legislation discussed a bill on Sunday which would ban the Israeli media from publishing details about Palestinians killed or wounded by the security forces before officially informing their families, Al-Quds has reported. After a lengthy discussion of the bill, which was proposed by members of the right-wing Jewish Home party, it was postponed to next week.

On Sunday morning, Haaretz said that the ministerial committee would discuss the bill, and claimed that its aim is to protect secret details related to the victims. The Israeli newspaper explained that the bill recognises that there are special cases where details could be published, for instance when three main news outlets report confirmed information at the same time about the victim(s).

It noted that the law was proposed after a number of cases arose where the relatives of the victims heard about what had happened to them through messages or images published by the mainstream media or social media.



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