Mishaal: Numerous contacts were made with Hamas to accept ceasefire

Chairman of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal revealed that numerous calls and contacts were made with his Movement to reach a truce agreement and stop rocket fire. He declared his movement’s total rejection to such demands as Israel was the one that started the aggression.

In a speech in Doha on Wednesday evening, Mishaal stressed the Palestinians’ right to defend themselves, as Israel was the one that started the aggression against them. “Whoever wants calm in return for calm isn’t going to get it. Today we are fighting a major battle against an enemy who bears full responsibility for the escalation”, he said.

“This war was imposed on us; however we have no other choice but to defend ourselves. We won during the past two wars because Allah was always with us, and we will carry out our duty in defending our land till the last moment even if we stand alone”, he continued.

He said that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu thought that his crimes would pass without punishment.

Mishaal condemned the west and the international community’s double standards policy.

“You have to change your leaders and force them to halt the aggression. Netanyahu is guiding you to defeat”, Mishaal said addressing the Israelis.

The senior Hamas leader called on Palestinian resistance factions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to live up to the responsibility and unite their efforts till achieving victory.

He also called on the political factions and leaders to coordinate their efforts in face of Israeli aggression.

Mishaal urged the Palestinian Authority and its security forces to stand alongside their people.

He also called on the Arab and world leaders to bear their responsibilities. (infopalestina)

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