Kerry seeks ways to block Palestinian UN bid

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is seeking to advance a new Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative that would forestall the Palestinians’ application to the UN Security Council to demand an end to the occupation, Haaretz said Wednesday.


To this end, senior Israeli officials said, Kerry has asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whether he would be willing to resume negotiations on the basis of the 1967 borderlines.


Haaretz quoted Israeli officials as stating: “The U.S. fears that once the Palestinian initiative gets rolling, it will snowball and end any hope of resuming peace talks in the coming years.”


Though it has already told the Palestinians it will veto the resolution, it would rather not have to do so, especially at a time when it is recruiting Arabs to join its military coalition against Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria, the same source added.

Two weeks ago, Kerry met with Netanyahu in New York and said he thought it was still possible to forestall the Palestinian bid. But he said his impression from his talks with Abbas a few days earlier was that the only way to do so was to offer a substantive alternative

“I don’t think Palestinians and Israelis are ready for a final divorce,” Kerry said as he urged the Israeli PM to hold talks on ’67 lines to block Palestinian UN bid.


A senior Israeli official said Netanyahu didn’t reject Kerry’s ideas out of hand, but answered only in general terms, leaving the impression that he wasn’t enthusiastic about them. (infopalestine)

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