Israeli gov’t approves new plans, allocates additional budgets to expand settlements – Palestine. Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders are racing to take measures on the ground to consecrate the occupation and Judaize the Palestinian land by settling and launching more calls to annex and impose Israeli occupation law on the occupied West Bank. In a new development aimed at accelerating the steps of Judaization in Jerusalem and changing its demographic structure.

The so-called Israeli Council for Planning and Building approved a new settlement scheme to build 4500 settlement units south of occupied Jerusalem, named “Rex Lafan” or the “white hills,” parts of which are located on the lands of the Walaja village. According to the scheme, 600 donums will be allocated for the construction of settlement units and another 1,000 dunums to be annexed to the so-called club of “Rafa’im Valley “, located to the south of the hill, where the Israeli authorities claim that construction in this area is necessary due to the lack of land in the occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli Planning and Building Committee is about to approve the building of 176 housing units for Jews at the Jabal al-Mukaber neighborhood, East Jerusalem. Moreover, talks to expand the Naveh Zion settlement that was erected 6 years ago, which currently houses 91 homes, and in case the expansion took place it will become the large settlement built in the Palestinian neighborhoods in the city. Knowing that, the largest Jewish settlement in Jerusalem till now is Ma’ale Hazeitim, where 200 Jewish families live.

The Israeli government decided to allocate a budget of NIS 60,000,000 out of the NIS 130,000,000 allocated for the construction of the “Amihai settlement” to house the evacuated settlers of Amona. The budget will be transferred to the Benjamin Regional Council, which will be used to resume construction in the settlement.



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