Israeli calls for Talmudic prayers at Aqsa Mosque

Jewish temple groups have sent a letter to Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu calling for allowing Jewish settlers to pray at the Aqsa Mosque for the safe return of the three missing Jewish settlers.

The Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage confirmed that Netanyahu received a letter from Jewish groups asking for permission to perform Talmudic prayers permanently at the Aqsa Mosque till the return of the three missing settlers.

In a separate incident, the Aqsa foundation said that guards of the Mosque and Palestinian worshipers prevented on Sunday Israeli rabbis and settlers from desecrating the Mosque and performing Talmudic prayers under police protection.

Approximately 22 settlers stormed the Aqsa mosque from the Maghariba gate under Israeli police protection and started provoking Palestinian worshipers, the foundation confirmed. (infopalestina)

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