Israel refuses to cooperate with UN investigation committee

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has recommended against cooperating with a UN investigation committee about Israel’s aggression on Gaza, Israeli official reports revealed Wednesday.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has recently ruled out the possibility of cooperating with UN Human Rights Council investigation committee, according to the sources.

Yediot Ahranot has quoted the sources as saying that “we need to examine the issue. We don’t need a commission like that because we know how to examine and investigate ourselves.”

“If a commission like that has already drawn conclusions and starts its investigation with preexisting prejudice – like the one that determined in advance there was a massacre in Jenin when there wasn’t one, or the Goldstone Commission – we won’t cooperate with it.”

Goldstone Commission had accused Israel of committing war crimes during its aggression in 2008-2009 where nearly 1400 Palestinians mostly civilians were killed.

Israeli 51-day recent aggression on Gaza left more than 2,158 Palestinians dead, the majority of them were women and children, in addition to a huge destruction of infrastructure in the Strip.

In another incident, Israeli authorities admitted, following an eight-year investigation, responsibility for the deliberate killing of Palestinian driver Zakaria Daraghmeh while on his way to his workplace in Nablus.

The driver Zakaria Daraghmeh, from Tubas, was killed in cold blood in 2006 when he stopped his taxi waiting for the passengers on Nablus road.

Head of the General Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions in Tubas Ibrahim Daraghmeh confirmed on Tuesday that the occupation authorities declared responsibility of this crime, and therefore bear all legal consequences of this cold-blooded murder.

A hearing is scheduled on September 19 to decide on the amount of money to compensate the victim’s family. (infopalestine)

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