Israel denied to move detainee Ribhi Al Badawi to the hospital – Palestine. The family of Palestinian prisoner Ribhi Jaber Al-Badawi (Abu Al-Fahd) accused the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) in Ofer prison refused to transfer the detainee Ribhi Al-Badawi to the hospital. The transfer is intended to obtain the necessary treatment. Ribhi allegedly injured in his kidney. Palestinian detainee Ribhi Al-Badawi is a Palestinian from al-Aroub refugee camp, in al-Khalil Governorate, in the southern West Bank.

Jasnah Zaqout (one of Ribhi Al-Badawi relatives) to the media “Al-Araby Al-Jadeed”, explained that Ribhi suffered severe injuries in his kidney. The prison administration rejected the transfer of Ribhi to the hospital for the necessary treatment, the International Red Cross told to Ribhi’s wife.

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) abducted Ribhi Al-Badawi from al-Aroub refugee camp in June.



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