Israel demolishes Palestinians homes to expand settlements – Negev. Israeli bulldozers on Friday demolished three houses belonging to Palestinian locals near the Negev desert under the pretext of unlicensed construction.

Palestinian sources reported to Quds Press that the demolitions included a house in the village of Umm-Qabu near Tall Al-Sabe village as well as two others in the villages of Al-Atrash and Al-Sayyed that are not recognised by the Israeli occupation authorities.

An Arab deputy in the Israeli Knesset, Said Al-Kharoumi, claims that the demolition campaign is just one in a series of recent fierce campaigns that aim mainly at harassing citizens and forcing them out of the area.

Al-Kharoumi told Quds Press that the Israeli authorities have been trying to impose forced solutions, demolitions and destruction on the inhabitants of Negev.

The Chairman of the Supreme Orientation Committee of the Arabs of Negev added that “we believe that this racist and unfair policy is going to fail in weakening our people in Negev, just like it failed in all of its previous attempts.”

In Ramallah, the Israeli occupation forces blew up the house of a Palestinian family in the village of Deir Abu Mishal, northwest of occupied Ramallah, yesterday.

Nearby houses suffered damages and one of them was set on fire as a result of the explosion. Fire trucks from the Palestinian Civil Defence control the fire were called to the scene to put out the flames.

In occupied Hebron, Israeli forces razed Palestinian lands near Yattah south of the city, in order to expand a settlement built on Palestinian land.

The coordinator of the National Committee to Resist Settlements in Yattah said that the bulldozers of the occupation have been working on razing Palestinian lands that belong to Al-Hathalin and Abu Hmeid’s families every morning in order to expand the illegal settlement of Karmiel.

He added that many settlement outposts are multiplying their construction efforts.



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