IOA says bodies of two martyrs be buried in shadows of darkness

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM – Hundreds of Jerusalemites at dawn Thursday marched in the funeral procession of the two Palestinian martyrs Udai and Ghassan Abu Jabal after the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) had been withholding their bodies for 36 days.
Ghassan and Udai were shot dead by the Israeli occupation police after they were involved in an attack on a Jewish synagogue in Deir Yassin village.
Lawyer of ad-Dameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association said in a statement Wednesday the IOA suddenly notified the youngsters’ families of its decision to return the bodies of the two martyrs on the condition that they be buried in the shadows of darkness and that 40 persons, only, be allowed to join the interment, setting a timeframe that does not exceed one hour and a half for the entire procedure.
The Israeli occupation police stipulated that the family would pay a 20-thousand-shekel fine in case any violations in the terms of such provisos would occur.
Ad-Dameer association spoke out against such a humiliating decision saying Israel’s seizure of the bodies of the two martyrs along with the prerequisites determining the time, place, and manner the way the latter should be buried represent a serious offense to the sentiments of Muslims both nationwide and oversees.
The institution said the decision makes part of Israel’s collective punishment tactics and policies of psycho-physical torture perpetrated against Palestinians and adherents of Islam.
“The move comes as part of Israel’s adoption of a spatio-temporal politics of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem,” Ad-Dameer added. “This is another episode in the series of Israeli racist and chauvinistic decrees.” (PIC)

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