Injuries, arrests among Palestinians in IOF incursion into WB

JENIN, (PIC)– Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on early morning Wednesday carried out a storming and arrest campaign in the West Bank. A Palestinian man was seriously injured, while a score of young men were arrested. The IOF troops raided each of al-Khalil, Bethlehem, Jenin, Tulkarem, Qalqilya and Nablus governorates including their nearby towns, villages and refugee camps. Local sources revealed that Israeli forces erected barriers at main roads and entrances of cities and towns of the West Bank and carried out thorough search operations inside Palestinians’ homes before arresting a number of their residents. Search operations were also conducted at the makeshift barriers erected for the campaign. The IOF soldiers hindered traffic by stopping Palestinians’ cars and checking their IDs, the sources added. Four men from Halhoul and Sourif towns in al-Khalil were arrested. Another Palestinian young man from Kufur Kaddoum town in Qalqilya was taken to an unknown destination after storming and wreaking havoc in his home. In addition, a Palestinian man from Maythaloun town was arrested at a military barrier Tuesday evening, the sources pointed out. The IOF soldiers opened their gun fire at Palestinians in Jenin city during their incursion into Jenin refugee camp. Israeli shooting led to a serious injury of Rafat al-Saadi, 25, who was shot by a sniper with two bullets in his chest and abdomen. Severe clashes prevailed where Israeli troops were deployed. Meanwhile, Palestinians threw stones at the IOF soldiers who responded by shooting live and rubber bullets along with teargas canisters. The Israeli incursions took place in Ethna, Halhoul and Sourif towns and al-Fuwar refugee camp in al-Khalil. While in Bethlehem, the IOF raided Beit Fujjar town and Ayda refugee camp, and Kufur Kaddoum town In Qalqilya, Jenin refugee camp and Maythaloun town in Jenin, as well as Talfit, Qaryout, Jaloud and Qabalan towns in Nablus.

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