Humanizing and Liberating Human

Every August, the Indonesian nation commemorates its Independence Day. The sovereign independence that should have achieved by all nations, even by every human being born on this earth. Humans are born with the nature of humanity and freedom.

As a human, a person is the bearer of his Lord’s mandate to prosper His earth according to His rules and teachings. As a free man, he is freed from any fetters and anyone. Because he can only serve to one God only, the Almighty who is the all-powerful to all the freedoms he enjoys.

Human was born equal, he is given the same mandate by Allah as the Caliph on earth. He has potential to become the best human, as well as potentially fail to seize the opportunity of goodness. He is the one who decides to choose the path of goodness that Allah extends all the time to all born humans.

Being born free, the mission of Islam is to freeing human beings, to remain independent and free from any slavery and avoid being enslaved by anyone. Hence the things that led to the loss of freedom and the deterrence of this freedom often expounded by the Qur’an with darkness, apostasy, barrier, which is called in plural form as “azh-zhulumât” while the protective (preventative) or the solving is singular called as “an-nûr”. The arrangement (من الظلمات إلى النور), with this arrangement is mention seven times. (Surah Al-Baqarah: 257, Al-Maidah: 16, Ibrahim: 1 and 5, Al-Ahzab: 43, Al-Hadid: 9 and At-Talaq: 11)

Whoever Muslim he has the main freed and liberated himself from various kinds of slavery such as material, popularity, wealth, women, power and so on. Likewise, he must also be free in behaving and not under the influence and worship of anyone other than Allah; both existing and visible, or invisible and unseen. This is the essence of a monotheistic value of a Muslim who declares the oneness of Allah, deify Him alone and willing to follow the teachings brought by His messenger, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

In addition, he is obliged to free his fellow-man from the slavery of his fellow human beings or others. He takes it well to know his Lord properly so that it is far from shirk of material and non-material.

Mission to humanize and liberate human becomes the starting point to achieve the achievement, both in the world and in the future life in the hereafter, in the form of immortality of happiness.

A man who is truly free as a human being, is a free man who chooses his choice, namely to exert all his potential to fetch the various opportunities of goodness that Allah shows. He is free from enslavement, human beings or any other creature that is Allah’s creation in this world. He is also a human being, who will not escape from mistakes and oversights. However, there are no errors and mistakes that cannot be fixed. Prophet Adam PBUH was the best example of how to rise to achieve and not slump by mistakes.

And one of the best efforts to manifest humanity and human freedom is to help other human beings or other nations in achieving true independence with the meaning mentioned above. Including, helping the nation that is chained by tyranny and colonialism. Helping to realize the independence and sovereignty of the Palestinian nation and freed them from the shackles and grip of Israeli Zionist illegal occupation.

Hope to the Essence which always frees His servants, so that no more colonization and slavery on this earth. WalLâhu al-Musta’ân.

Blessing Note 65

Jakarta, 20.08.2017






*) A gift of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia and an optimistic hope for the Palestinian independence.

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