Governor of South Sumatera Appreciated Fundraising Concert on Palestine in Palembang

Palembang – The National Committee for Palestinian People (KNRP) of South Sumatera held a fundraising concert for Palestine in Palembang Sport Convention Center (PSCC) on Saturday (24/3/2018) night. This event was attended by H. Alex Noerdin, the Governor of South Sumatra. 

In his speech, Alex conveyed that the activities held by KNRP of South Sumatera is a form of concern towards humanity and very obliged to be appreciated. “This is a positive activity rather than any political or other interests,” Alex said.

During the sidelines of the event, Alex was touched to see a video film depicting the state of Palestinian people threatened by Israeli soldiers. Even the children in the video ran to avoid bombs and gunfire launched by Israeli soldiers.

“Try to see the suffering of children in Palestine they cannot live like us. Even children cannot go to school or even play. Those sick children cannot be taken in to hospital because there is no electricity. More sadly fact is the successor of their generation has been lost. The comparison between us and them there are like heaven and earth, “Alex said with tears in his eyes.

Therefore, according to Alex, this concert is simply asks awareness of the people in South Sumatra. But this number one person in South Sumatra while attending the event was slightly disappointed, because of the 95% Muslim community in South Sumatera especially Palembang, only half of the building was occupied by them.

 “We see this building is only filled with a quarter, where is our care for the children who are there,” he said.

Therefore, Alex asserted after two major agendas that will exist in South Sumatra: simultaneous elections 2018, and the Asian Games. This kind of fundraising Concert on Palestine, will be held again in order to give more concern and care towards Palestine people especially children.

 “We will hold again this activity, let’s care for our fellow human beings,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of KNRP South Sumatra, Mochammad Siswandi explained, that this concert of KNRP is intended to give a message to Muslims in South Sumatra about the current situation in Palestine. This message should be realized and for Muslims to care about the condition of Palestine.

 “We have an obligation to support Palestinian independence. Later will be shown video shows and explanations of the shyekh about the current condition of Palestine. Here we are expecting people heart will be touched and give their support through fundraising. Anyone of the Indonesian nationality who is touched to help though a bit will lighten Palestinian burden, “he explained.

He was optimistic about IDR 2 billion will be collected for Palestine in this concert from the people of South Sumatra. “The two billion is not just a form of money but valuable goods, such as gold rings, even a replica of Al Aqsa mosque made by the son of Indonesia from Jepara has been auctioned. Essentially any form of charity donated we would happily receive it, insyaAllah” he said.

He added that the donation will be channeled to aid hospital, ambulance, education, and so forth in Palestine. “Last time, on 25 of February this year we have distributed nearly IDR billion to several locations, either directly inside Palestine or in Palestinian camps in other countries,” he explained (Palembang.tribunnews/yp/knrp/i7).

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