Goodness settles


When a someone wants to have a cup of sweet tea, he will prepare boiling water. Then he brewed the tea according to his taste. And lastly, he’ll pick up a spoon to pour sugar into a cup. Maybe one or two spoons, one or two blocks of sugar cubes.

Try to feel it, whether the hot water mixed with tea is sweet? It tastes tasteless or maybe even bitter. Though there is already sugar in it. This is because the sugar in the cup is precipitated and has not been mixed and moved to dissolve in water and then change the taste to be sweet according to the will of the person who made it.

The above analog is the reality of everyday life. Every Muslim and human must have the potential of the latent goodness. Then why today the evil, ugliness, and unjust are happening everywhere? It is not because of the greater number of evils. However, more because the good people are silent. Goodness becomes settled in the fundamentals of civilization. While that comes to the surface are ugliness, evil, oppression, injustice, social imbalance.

In order to a goodness look like sugar to change taste, it must be moved. When it is colored, its form is invisible. Because its fused with water. This transforming power is impossible without movement. Very large number of good people is meaningless if the stay silence at the time of tyranny and ugliness appear everywhere.

This week the world is shown a blasphemy against al-Aqsa Mosque. The Israeli Zionist regime closed access to the mosque for several days. And then 16/7 installed electronic gate at some entrance access.

If we analogize it, we have our own home, then come a stranger. Suddenly he installed electronic gate in front of our house. Any security reason or reasoning becomes very irrelevant. This is a real form of blasphemy and colonization. It’s been a week running, the Zionist government is deafening and turning a blind eye to the echoed protests from around the world. In fact, the second Friday after the closure and restrictions on this access occurred clashes and casualties.

The main problem is not about Muslims allowed to pray in al-Aqsa Mosque with unilateral restrictions from Israel, however, the installation of electronic gate is an unjustifiable form of blasphemy.

Some time ago, this country disrupted by the blocking of one of the popular social media. Protests and criticism heard everywhere. Currently, al-Aqsa Mosque is completely blocked, blockade and has complicated access to entry for Muslims. Where are the voice of people who often talk about human rights? The voice of the defenders of truth? Freedom and humanitarian activists?

The al-Aqsa Mosque is Allah’s trust. Therefore, Allah travelled the Messenger of Allah PBUH to the Masjid al-Aqsa before he went to the sidratul muntaha and then met Allah to receive a decree from Him. The trust that he continues to his people.

Let’s move, like flowing water. Though small, it is pure and sanctified. But look at the stagnant water somewhere. It can then turn into mutanajjis (unclean) water. The water becomes unclean not because of its many unclean, but because the water does not flow. If this people wants to color civilizations and lead back, then it’s time to move dynamically. Move, and the wickedness will withdraw, wickedness will disappear, and injustice will perish. Because we do not eliminate them. Our task is to move to fate. And Allah has prepared the glorious destiny of victory. The One who kills Nimrud with a mosquito is the One who also drowns the Pharaoh, destroys Goliath with a small stone swing, also humiliates Abu Jahl with death in the hands of two little boys. Ibrahim, Moses, David, Mu’adz and Muawidz were only His servants who brought the fate of victory.


Blessing Note 61

Jakarta, 22.07.2017




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