Gaza caravans, are they permanent solutions?

The temporary lodging for displaced Palestinians in Khuza’a town, south of the Gaza Strip, offered by a charity organization in the shape of caravans was not met with much appreciation on the part of those homeless people.

The Human Appeal International organization is working on providing mobile homes for those whose houses were completely destroyed during the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The project aims to provide caravans that consist of two small rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, for each family, but the displaced people are afraid that providing these caravans might be considered a permanent solution.

The head of the Human Appeal International organization, Imad al-Haddad, said that they started to work in a spacious land that belongs to the organization, by initially providing homeless people there with 100 temporary caravans.

Al-Haddad pointed out that these caravans were manufactured locally, using the available materials. He clarified that the first makeshift neighborhood will be established in Khuza’a to shelter the families whose houses were destroyed in the aggression, and then the same will be done in all other destroyed districts in the Strip.

The mission is becoming difficult because Israel has not allowed the entry of the reconstruction materials needed to rebuild Gaza yet, and that is what Adham Al-Omrani, the supervisor engineer of the project, confirmed saying: “we bought the materials from the local market, but some materials were not available.”

We want reconstruction
Displaced citizens who took shelter in schools expressed their discontent and refusal of the idea which is “not even accepted as a temporary solution”, according to them.
A woman whose house was destroyed said about the project: “we don’t want these caravans, I have 5 daughters, other women have 8 daughters and 4 sons and more, how would they sleep in one room? Each one of us used to have a house, we want houses, and we don’t accept this solution”.
Another old man complains: “we ran out from the schools to get back to caravans again?! We want reconstruction of Gaza; we call on all influential parties to find a solution for the reconstruction of Gaza. Khuza’a was the most affected area in the Gaza Strip”.

Palestinians remain skeptical that the “temporary” solution could turn into a “permanent” one and they may lose forever the dream of having their destroyed homes rebuilt to accommodate them and their families. (infopalestine)

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