Gaza blockade, was it successfully to break?

Background of Gaza blockade:

The blockade of the Gaza Strip by Israel from 2006 because Hamas won the Palestinian legislative election, triggering the 2006–07 economic sanctions against the Palestinian National Authority

After that the Israeli occupation forces closed the Rafah border and tightened the blockade of Gaza Strip after Hamas took over control over Gaza authority and managed to thwart the attempts of the Israeli occupation to overthrow its legitimacy in 2007.

Israel has enforced a strict blockade of Gaza:

The blockade includes a ban to the entrance of fuel, electricity, and other goods, including vinegar, biscuits, poultry and meat, as well as limited fishing zone, and closed borders between the Gaza Strip and the occupied territories as well as the important border between Palestinians and Egyptians in the Gaza Strip, the Rafah border.

In some cases, Israeli occupiers allowed the entrance of very few items (such as soy sauce, mayonnaise, and jam!) which sent to Gaza by ships. But the urgent need for Gazans is actually the building materials to develop Gaza’s infrastructure, as well as the materials needed to drive the wheels of the economy, industry, agriculture and others in the region.

Most of the basic needs of society are prohibited, recorded after the Freedom Flotilla incident, the Israeli occupiers only allowed the entry of 84 items of goods only. The Director of Public Relations at the Chamber of Commerce in Gaza, Maher Al-Tabbaa, said: “The incoming needs are only food and some secondary household needs, it is only for media consumption only. Most of the living necessities still stuck in Israeli ports. “

International media and activist movements forced the Israeli occupiers to end the blockade and allowed two ships to operate:

In August 2008, 44 international solidarity activists from 17 different countries boarded two vessels; “Ghazah Hurrah” (Free Gaza) and “Al-Hurriyah” (Freedom) from Free Gaza Movement managed to break the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for the first time. Both ships carrying humanitarian aid arrived from Cyprus after facing threats from Israeli occupiers to prevent them from reaching the Gaza Strip. The Israeli occupation has warned activists not to enter the Gaza territorial waters but then let them pass through.

Then two years after the failure of the international activists by the “freedom flotilla” vessel because of Israeli occupier’s attacks, it is embarrassing the Israeli occupation forces in the international world and have a very negative impact on the image of the Israeli occupation in the face of international community. And hopefully international humanitarian activists as well as the world community continue to unite the voice to liberate the Palestinian land from the hands of the Zionist Israeli illegal occupation.




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