FFC to send third flotilla to break Gaza’s siege

LONDON — The Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) declared Wednesday its intention to send a third flotilla to break the siege on Gaza during the first half of next year.
In its statement, the FFC said that the finishing touches have been placed in a meeting held early this month in Athens. At least three ships will participate in the flotilla, the statement pointed out.
Zaher Berawi, the coordinator of the international coalition to break the siege on Gaza and its representative at the FFC, confirmed that no power on earth would stop the ongoing efforts to lift Gaza siege.
“Open Gaza’s port” was chosen to name the flotilla in reference to the international awareness of the importance of Gaza’s port for the Palestinian economy, he continued.
Berawi called on the European Union to pressure Israel and Egypt to open the port of Gaza to international marine traffic as it was set in the ceasefire agreement.
He also called for forming an EU or UN committee to control the entry of the people’s basic needs in order to alleviate Israeli security fears in this matter. (PIC)

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