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Umar ibn al-Khattab and the Companions of the Prophet PBUH made the event of hijra to Medina as the standard of Islamic calendar. In the hijra there were various positive spirits that mark the rise of Islamic civilization level. Spirit of perseverance and unyielding, totality of sacrifice and togetherness, spirit of maintaining the existence and continuity of da’wah relay.

Hijra was not just a momentum of movement or physical movement from one place to another. However, hijra was the shifting of religious level; from individual piety level to greater communal level; reach a sovereign, independent and associate state level with the international world. Its existence was not only acknowledged, but it was already in diplomacy and negotiation stage. Dialogue with advanced civilization at that time was also done, for example with two superpowers, Roman and Persian. Although, there were some internal disturbances in Madinah from among the scribes (the status quo) who feel rivaled. Or the antagonists of the Quraysh kuffar and allies.

With some limitations in the early period of Medina, the conditions of the Muslims were much better than in Mecca. Because, institutionalized and structured socially, politically, economically, and culturally quite well.

The author will not invite the reader to follow the hijra journey of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This kind of study is much discussed, and ever reviewed in the previous record. However, one interesting thing to be highlight is what was done by a companion of Prophet PBUH, Abu Bakr as-Siddiq.

Abu Bakr exerted all he had and which he could reach to launch the hijra process.

1.    Aisha who was still a child, but later will have a role to narrate some hadith related to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to Medina. He is the daughter of Abu Bakr and wife of Rasulullah PBUH.

2.    His sister, Asma’ bint Abu Bakr, was a person who distributes the logistics and daily necessities of the Prophet PBUH when she was in pregnant.

3.    His brother, Abdullah bin Abu Bakr, served as an informant who sought out what the Quraysh were talking about, including a hunting contest against Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

4.    His aide, Amir bin Fuhairah who shepherds the goats to eliminating traces of the Prophet Muhammad’s and Abu Bakr’s journey.

5.    His business colleague, Abdullah bin Uraiqith. Although he has not embraced Islam but Abu Bakr trusted him as a guide to Medina through an unusual path. There was no historical evidence to suggest that he later made a shahada. However, his honesty and professionalism made Abu Bakr involve him in this historic event.

Not only this time Abu Bakr was at the forefront of his sacrifice. In the Tabuk Battle, he gave and deployed everything. Because, his family was always educated to give and donate anything. Educated independently and became a solution to social problems that occur, and not a burden and problem.

If, nowadays Muslims in general politically, economically, culturally become less prominent, maybe even oppressed and stigmatized negative, then a figure like Abu Bakr is highly be expected. Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine, Myanmar, the Zionist threat in Palestine, Syria’s conditions make some Muslims become underestimate. In fact, that needs to be done up and become “Abu Bakr”. Mobilize the family and all the power to reach the hijra spirit, hijra way of thinking and ready to sacrifice anything.

Research on Islamic studies in offices, mosques during weekend, as well as the rousing spirit of memorizing Qran as well as Islamic studies and consultations are a sign that there are many positive potentials. Not to mention the demographic changes in Europe, especially Russia, Germany, France, and Britain that provide astonishing data related to the Muslim population there. Then do it, become another Abu Bakr. WalLâhu al-Musta’ân.

Blessing Note 70

Jakarta, 23.09.2017



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