EuroPal Forum: Wave of recognition of Palestinian statehood expresses awakening of European conscience and carries warning messages to the Israeli occupation

EuroPal Forum said that the vote in the French Parliament by a majority in favour of the recognition of a Palestinian state is an important step on the road to European governments recognising the national rights of the Palestinian people. The move also creates a political atmosphere in the international community towards an official and binding decision to recognise the State of Palestine.
The Chairman of EuroPal Forum, Zaher Birawi, said that this wave of European support for Palestinian statehood constitutes an awakening of conscience among the Europeans, albeit late. He also believes it is an expression of anger and indignation by Europeans of the repetitive Israeli violations against Palestinians in Gaza, Jerusalem and elsewhere. At the same time, this wave carries with it warnings to the Israeli occupation.
Birawi said that this move comes as a critical addition to the wave of support for Palestinian statehood that is sweeping across European countries. This wave aims to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to provide a real opportunity for the idea of a “two-state solution” and to force Israel to stop its practices which would otherwise destroy any hope for this solution.  
Birawi stressed that the failure of this solution would place Europe in an embarrassing predicament because the other option would be far more difficult and complex, that of a “one-state solution.” A one-state solution has always been flatly and vehemently rejected by Israel, and European policies have also generally rejected this solution, until now.  (europal)

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