Encounter of Love and Heroism

There are various reasons for someone to marry. For a Muslim, primarily he is performing sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH who followed by the Companions and tabi’in thereafter. Ideological motivation is very worthy to be the main reason. But, if the reason is the only motivation, according to the author is certainly not always the case. The purpose and reason of marriage, though boils down to one, the branch could be many. Not to mention, in case of disorientation in building a marriage.

Some people married because of anxiety and insistence of human lust, certainly no disgrace if built positive perceptions and moral footing put forward.

Some people married for following up a taste that is hard to describe. Many people called it love, a sense that people feel as a human. However, many people incorrectly perceive it. Love is own and manage behavior, some people say. In fact, love is a gift of Allah. Allah has made Moses a good person, love was growing around him.

“And I bestowed upon you love from Me that you would be brought up under My eye.”(Taha: 39)

Then the behavior of some people who idolize and deified love to build a marriage is unjustified act. Allah is the One who promises to bestowed the love and affection simultaneously and grow them through marriages also be a sign of His power. There was a meeting and the union of two creatures completely different.

Some people get married because materialist viewpoint. Whether materials that are sticking to the physical person, physical beauty, or material that is sticking later as a wealth of treasures.

And some people had married someone because of career and social position or honor and social prestige. As well as several stories in the name of love and mystery of feeling in two Allah’s creatures; boy and girl

Let us to read an interesting story. A viewpoint about love that has change into positive energy. Love is the courage. Love that was finds a port of anxiety by a man about the condition of society, and a woman who felt same. Fate brought them together. They were picking it up with various endeavor and effort.

Once upon there was a ruler of Tikrit (Iraq), named Ayyub bin Syadzi; which is better known as Sultan Najmuddin Ayyub wanted to find a life partner. He was not married in a long time. This condition made his sibling, Asaduddin Syirkuh often wondered and repeated asked him, who she was looking for and why he did not get married. Najmuddin Ayyub brief answer is always the same: “I do not get the right future wife yet.”

Asaduddin then intended to find a suitable future wife for his brother. He gave options to Ayyub. “What about the daughter of Malik Shah – daughter of Sultan Muhammad bin Malik Shah — King of Bani Saljuks or daughter of Nizhamul Mulk – famous Prime Minister of Abbasid Era.”

However, Ayyub replied lightly. “They are not right for me!”

Asaduddin confused and astonished, he exhorted his brother, who exactly is he looking. Finally he found the answer of the mystery buried his brother. He was looking for a woman who is willing to give birth to a brave man and a hero who is able to re-conquer the Bait al-Maqdis from the hands of the crusaders and return it to the hands of Muslims.

Tikrit is not far from the Bait al-Maqdis. That was made the governor of Tikrit felt anxious. He was a single governor who was still looking for a soul mate.

Then, one day, Najmuddin sat with an old man in a mosque in Tikrit. They discussed many things. Suddenly there was a girl who calls the old man behind the curtain. He was rushed to the girl, after asking permission to Najmuddin Ayyub.

Apparently, the old man was his father. He talked with his daughter. Asked him why he refused the man who proposed to her. Actually, what she wanted. The girl replied with a bit emotional. She was a little sob. “I want a young man that holding my hand to heaven. I wanted to bear him a brave man who is willing and able to return Bait al-Maqdis to the Muslims. “

Deg… Ayyub heard her words clearly, even though the girl spoke softly to his father.

“He fits me!” Ayyub thought deeply.

This is the fate and scenario of Allah. Najmuddin is a rich and powerful person. Meanwhile the girl was an ordinary girl, from the grassroots. However, the governor did not care about it.

“I want to marry her and period.” He pledged his intention.

Ayyub called the old man. The old man was amazed and shocked.

“But, she is a poor and ordinary girl. His father is a person as you see.”

Najmuddin Ayyub said firmly, “This is what I want. I want to marry a woman with whom I wish reach paradise. I wish she would give birth to me a brave boy who would re-conquer Bait al-Maqdis. Realizing my dream and my ambition!”

It was an encounter of love and heroism of two different social castes. Allah united the two in love. Love to return Bait al-Maqdis to the real owner. The heroism that emerged get rid of the material prestige and social positions as well as the eyes and words of those who might questioned the encounter of these two love.

From them, born a brave man whose his name make people who knows it tremble. He was born with the permission and the gift of the Greatest of Love, from the marriage of love and heroism. His name is Yusuf. Yusuf ibn Ayyub. And we are more familiar with Saladin al-Ayyubi.


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