Perception of Victory

Some people perceive a victory with absolute power. Some others perceive victory with hegemony in the form of desire that can be imposed on others. Another one perceive victory by defeating, humiliating and oppressing others. Others perceive victory with unlimited wealth, so that-according to it-he can do everything with his wealth.

While the Qur’an perceives victory translated literally as “al-fauz” with several things. There are times when al-fauz is told with “al-mubin” which means a clear and real victory. On another occasion mentioned with the description “al-kabîr” which means a great victory. The most commonly mentioned character in the Qur’an is the word “al-azhim” which means a glorious victory, signifying an extraordinary gift.

1. The word al-fauz al-mubîn is called inside in two places ie in Surah al An’âm: 16 and al-Jâtsiyah: 30. On these two occasions Allah explains a clear and real victory when one is saved from the punishment and torment of Allah, and then put into a group of servants who are given mercy by Him.

2. The word al-fauz al-kabîr is mentioned only once in Surah al-Burûj: 11 which describe the grace of Allah’s victory when one will have gardens beneath which rivers flow.

3. The mention of the greatest nature of al-fauz is found in several places, including: Surah An-Nisâ ‘: 12, Surah Al-Mâ’idah: 119, Surah At-Taubah: 72, 89 and 100, Surah Al-Hadid: 12 and Surah At-Taghabun: 9). That someone will truly be blessed with an essential and eternal victory when he is in the heaven of Allah and dwells there forever, achieving immortality in happiness. Usually the Qur’an describes it with the word “khālidîna fîhâ

Thus, a glimpse of the perception of victory in the Qur’an. Very simple and straightforward and concise. Only, to achieve it required effort that is not easy, and cannot be done alone. Because it must first get rid of the greatest destruction, that is shirk and alliance of other tyranny. The deception of Allah’s verses, pride and vanity. Including among injustices committed among fellow human beings. Because tyranny not just be the enemy of humanity, but has been proclaimed as an enemy of Allah. In one of His hadith qudsi, Allah says, “Verily I have forbidden the unrighteous of Me …” (al-Hadith).

Therefore, if we find the cruelty or injustice in the earth of Allah, we should try to get rid of it. If we cannot fight, then at least do not give support to it to grow, until it oppresses the humanity. Even if this cannot be done, then move away from the source of tyranny. That is what will save from the destruction of human civilization.

One of the most obvious forms of cruelty in modern times is the colonization of the sovereignty of a nation, as experienced by the Palestinians. Therefore, to regain their independence, is the task of humanity. If we are Indonesian nation, then it is a mandate of the constitution. If, we are Muslims, then it is a trust to keep the Holy Mosque al-Aqsa. And to be anything, it all comes down to one: end the wickedness that is happening in Palestine, especially in al-Quds and Gaza Strip. As for anything and anyone, colonialism and justice over the world must be wiped out, as opposed to nationalism and the spirit of nationalism, contrary to humanity, and divine values. WalLâhu al-Musta’ân.


Blessing Note #82

Jakarta, 23.12.2017



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