KNRP of Aceh Attended Upgrading Program on Palestinian Issue in Jakarta

Jakarta – Board member of the National Committee for the Palestinian People (KNRP) of the province of Aceh followed upgrading program at Central KNRP Office, Jabir Street 11 B, Ragunan Pasar Minggu, Jakarta on Saturday (03/17/2018). A total of 13 members, 4 from the provincial level and 9 from district level, were present to upgrade and increase their knowledge on Palestine issue to be their source in explaining to the society on urgency of their attention and assistance towards humanitarian issues in Palestine.

Chairman of KNRP Aceh, Makhyaruddin Yusuf on Tuesday (3/20/2018) said “There are 13 participants from Aceh, who are board members of KNRP Aceh province and districts in Aceh province,”

The upgrading program was delivered by the Secretary General of Central KNRP, Suhartono TB, a Palestinian scholar Sheikh Abdul Majid along with board of Central KNRP. The participants were highly motivated and enthusiastic following the entire upgrading agenda with high focus and concentration on the exposure and direction of the presenters.

At the end of the session, board of KNRP Aceh submitted IDR 1 billion donation from the people of Aceh to Palestine. The donation have been collected in period of January-March 2018 and handed over by Makhyaruddin as Chairman of KNRP Aceh and received by Suhartono TB as Secretary General of Central KNRP. It was witnessed by board members of KNRP Aceh and Sheikh Abdul Majid.

After attending the upgrading program in Jakarta, KNRP Aceh hopes all the board and volunteers increase their seriousness and intensity in spreading the correct fact and integrated understanding on Palestine issue to the people of Aceh. In this way it is expected people would open their hearts and minds in defending and helping Palestinians to their best effort

“If the people of Aceh understand better, they would have given all of their potent and ability, in from of prayers and hopes and donations of wealth, energy, and ideas,” Makhyaruddin said closing the dialogue (yp / knrp).

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