DONATION CALL: Olive Gardening on the Blessed Land of Palestine

Jakarta, 03/31/2018. Sprit of Aqsa, one of the partner organizations of ASPAC is currently fundraising an Olive Gardening Program on the blessed land of Gaza and Bait al-Maqdis.

ASPAC has noted its campaign lines through their website:, and translated them into English:


Olive Gardening on the Blessed Land of Palestine


Let’s join the Love & Hope! Indonesia Olive gardening on the blessed land of Palestine

Have a part of garden in Gaza or around the Bait al-Maqdis.


From this plantation program, you will inshaAllah have several benefits:

1. Brotherhood awareness among the Palestinian people and Indonesian;

2. Strengthen the symbols of hope and wish in to the hearts of the Palestinian people who are struggling in the midst of crisis;

3. Agricultural Empowerment in the blessing land of Sham;

4. Reward of assisting the tree plantation that bear fruit for years to come;

5. Registered in the liberation of the blessing land of Palestine;

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said about the deed that is counted equivalent to visiting the Baitul Maqdis, “Give oil for lighting the mosque (Al-Aqsha). Whoever gives it then as if he were already pay a visit to the mosque (Al-Aqsha). “


Join the Olive Gardening Program in the blessing land of Palestine.

Plantation program of 10.000 trees in cooperation with the government of Palestine.

Donation Package: IDR 550.000 / tree

Have your share in the Indonesianan Olive Garden in Palestine

Donate to to account number:

On behalf of:  “Yayasan Pusat Peradaban Islam” QQ: Spirit of Aqsa:

BNI Syariah [Bank Code: 009] Account no: 0345874115


For further Information & Confirmation

visit  link/WA:

Whatsapp:  +62-852-1032-2225

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