Do you know the history of Israeli occupation in Palestine?

Some of us think that the occupation in Palestine happened in 1948. In fact, in that year the Zionist Jewish had occupied most of Palestinian territories. If we want to look at history, we will find that the Zionist Jewish occupation in Palestine began in 1917, when the British occupied Palestine (Sham), which borders the Egyptian territory and assisted by the Egyptian armies, it could not be separated from the British occupation in Egyptian territories.

Lord Allenby celebrated the success entered Palestine in December 1917 as the beginning of the occupation in Palestine after the Hattin battle (538 H / 1187). The expression of anger and cynicism by Lord Allenby: “Now the Crusade has Ended”. Then in 1920 after the Maysalun battle, the French General entered Damascus and went to the tomb of the great leader Saladin Al-Ayyubi and said: “We have returned, Saladin!”.

Let us recall the Balfour Declaration by the British Foreign Minister (Arthur James Balfour) to the Zionist millionaire (Rothschild) containing the support of the establishment of Zionist entities in Palestinian land, a month later the British colonized Palestine to coincide with the announcement of the establishment the Zionist entity in Palestine. Yet at that time the number of Jewish people in Palestine was not more than 5% of the population of Palestine. Yet since 1897 the Zionists International attempted to send Jews to Palestine, but Sultan Abdul Hamid II strongly forbade the exodus of Jews to the land of Palestine.

These historical facts are important to know so that we learn and no longer careless. And unfortunately, nowadays many of our brothers bear heavy burdens because of the enemies of Islam who are constantly attacking. [EH]

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