Desecration of the First Qibla

Started from the second week of July, Al-Aqsa mosque has emptied from Muslim worshippers in twice Friday. The Israeli Zionist soldiers installed electronic gates as an entry requirement for Muslims who want to pray at the Al-Aqsa mosque. This action is not only a form of humiliation, but also the greatest tyranny by blocking worshipers inside the mosque.

As Allah mentioned in the Qur’an, in the Surah of Al-Baqarah verse 114 which means: “And who are more unjust than those who prevent the name of Allah from being mentioned in His mosques and strive toward their destruction. It is not for them to enter them except in fear. For them in this world is disgrace, and they will have in the Hereafter a great punishment.”

At the same time, the illegal Jewish settlers were given the freedom to desecrate Al-Aqsa. They have escorted by Israeli officers to perform Jewish rituals inside the mosque. Zionists really take advantage of this enmity moment to dominate the first Qibla of Muslims, and take any action in it as they please.

Al-Aqsa’s worshippers were refusing to pass through electronic gate was a form of resistance, rejecting the occupiers request who want to humiliate the Muslims. They prefer to pray outside the mosque, with thousands of Muslim worshippers. This massive gathering of masses, of course, discouraged the Israeli occupiers, to wipe out their anxiety, the Israeli soldiers dispersed the worshippers brutally. This led to several worshippers martyred and hundreds more injured, including Imam and Khatib Al-Aqsa Mosque, Shaikh Ikrimah Shabri.

Bad conditions in Al-Aqsa currently provided at least three lessons. First, the Palestinian people increasingly dare to face the Israeli illegal occupiers, their souls sacrificed for defending Al-Aqsa mosque which is essentially belongs to the whole Muslims in the world. Secondly, what the Israeli occupiers did by forbidding prayers inside the mosque, forbidding the call to prayer and the siege of Al-Aqsa, was only part of their main agenda, which was to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque and replace it with the Temple of Solomon.

Muslims should be aware of this condition, to prevent them as early as possible about the Israeli agenda to destroy Al-Aqsa. It is no secret that the Israeli occupiers have made many underground tunnels under the Al-Aqsa, now they are waiting for the time of the noble mosque to be fragile, so it will collapse by itself.

Thirdly,The Islamic world tested again about their commitment to fight for Palestinian independence, especially liberating al-Aqsa Mosque from Israeli occupation. It’s naive, some Gulf countries precisely busy with their political affairs, busy cornering their neighbors, Qatar, and even boycott it. Moreover, the diplomatic normalization requirement offered by them was Qatar has to break their relation with the Palestinian factions, so there is a big question mark, where is the partisanship of boycotters in the Palestinian issue?

From this condition we can conclude, there is no best solution to the Al-Aqsa issue but the Muslims unity in a single line. An ideological foothold should be a fervour of the resurrection of the people, putting aside various forms of diversity. Every Muslim must take a role in his or her own field with one common goal, ie the return of Al-Aqsa Mosque as a place of Prophet’s isra’ to the lap of the Muslims. (Muhammad Syarief)

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