Commemoration of the Conquest of Al-Quds and Book Review of Mini Encyclopedia Al-Aqsa Mosque

Asia-Pacific Community for Palestine or ASPAC for Palestine held a book review of Mini Encyclopedia of the Holy Mosque of Al-Aqsa. The event was located in the Hall MUC Building, Jakarta, Saturday (10/11/2014). The book review that held along with the conquest moment the city of Al-Quds has theme “tracking the Salahudin’s victory.” Present as reviewer, Dr. Abdul Muta’ali, MA, M.IP, Director of Middle East Studies Center, University of Indonesia.

In his speech, the chairman of ASPAC for Palestine, Dr. Saiful Bahri, MA conveyed that the people in Indonesia have lack information about Palestine. Because of generally, the news is raised only when there are conflicts. “Palestinian cause is not only when the conflict is rising up, but until now the condition there is flaring up,” said Saiful. “Zionist Israel continues to break down the holy mosque of Al-Aqsa. But unfortunately, media in Indonesia never tell us about this bad serious condition,he added.

On that occasion, the head of ASPAC who was also graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo Egypt was invited to the Indonesian people, to participate in the meeting of the Conference of the International Alliance for Palestine that will be held in Istanbul Turkey on 21 October 2014. On the occasion will be a meeting of Palestinian activists from various countries, and initiated the formation of the various divisions to fight for Palestine. Such as the children’s division, femininity, youths, scholars and other divisions.

Ahmad Yani, chief organizer of the event said, this book review is part of the FGD ASPAC for Palestine which this time was held in accordance with the conquest of Al-Quds moment carried by Saladin Al-Ayyubi on October 2, 1187. Presented at the talk show and this book review, representatives of organizations that intense to the Palestinians cause, including KNRP, Adara Relief International, Indonesian Red Crescent, etc…

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