The theme in last session on the first day of seminar was quite warm; it was about the advocacy of Palestinian prisoners and also the law and war crimes. The second day of the International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza conference, it re-discussed some issues concerning the rebuilding of Gaza after Israeli military aggression. This time more focus to the infrastructure in Gaza and preceded by several presentations about the blockade on Gaza, it was also presented the progress of some union activity physicians (regional Arab countries, European and international).


On this occasion, advisor of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prof. Dr. Yassin Aktay who is also the Deputy President of AK Party was delivering his speech. Interestingly, he spoke in Arabic.


“Concern for Gaza is the call of conscience of humanity. This is an appeal for us all, Muslims and all mankind.” Said Aktay “Doing injustice is a common thing done by Israel, but it is not a natural thing if Muslims then just silent watch this injustice continues and do nothing. If Muslims and all people just silent and let the injustice happen, then Turkey with the leaders and the people would never keep silent when Gaza treated unfairly.” His oration was greeted with wild applause.


After the coffee break, the last session of the conference was the development of infrastructure in Gaza. There were three speakers who conveyed their proposals. The first was Ir. Hashim Syawa as vice president of Palestine Real Estate Investment Co. Next was the exposure of Ir. Ibrahim Abu Tsarayya from Germany, he as a representation of the Palestinian Engineers Union in Europe. On this occasion Dr. Riyadh Ahmad from England was the representative of the Palestinian Association of Physicians in Europe also conveyed a presentation.


In the last session of International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza, the closing ceremony was led by the chairman of the committee, Dr. Wael Saqqa.


He opened his preface by thanking all the participants were willing to meet the committee invitation to come to this place and join this activity.


“With your names, we stand together with the International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza” the words of Dr. Wael vigorously. “I beg you to pray, may Allah bless it. And through this forum let us firm Dr. Isham Yusuf as the chairman of the International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza. And let us ask him to name the persons who will help his work”


Then Dr. Isham Yusuf mentioned some names. He started it, “May Allah help us all and make this activity as charitable sincere and acceptable to Allah” then he continued “After having discussion with small team, to hear opinions from various countries, then I ask the following names to accompany us to fulfill this mandate”


  1.  Zeinal Sheikh Ibrahim (Qatar)
  2. Hisham Syathir (Bahrain)
  3. Ahmad Ibrahim (Algeria)
  4. Riyadh Ahmad (European representation)
  5. Dr. Wael Saqqa (Jordan)


“I as the committee am very thankful to the mass media and all the committees for their hard work. Then to the Turkish foundations that were struggling to help the Palestinians. Particularly facilitate the treatment of victims of war” said Dr. Wael Saqqa, and then he invited representations of Qatar Charity.


In his speech, Ibrahim Zeinal representing of Qatar Charity prayed that God always reinforce the activists to continue to support the struggle of the Gazans and may this meeting be a good introduction to reinforce and strengthen the network of humanitarian organizations.


Furthermore, Dr. Wael Saqqa read the Closing Statement, Conference of the International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza. As follows:


Closing Statement of the International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza in Istanbul


“The Israeli brutal attack with their weapons has shed more than two thousand human lives, and injured thousands of others. Cruelty is also sustained by destroying buildings, such as mosques, schools, hospitals, philanthropic foundations, public facilities, the civil service and other places that had nothing to do with the military. This is the real form of oppression and cruel. But Gazans never give up. Strong. Persistent. Brave. Show their heroism. Armed with call and humanitarian mandate, morality and religion; NGOs from around the world committed to rebuild Gaza. There are hundreds of thousands of people displaced from their homes, there are people who live far below the standards of humanity. Victims of deliberate injustice.


Therefore for two days, we gathered. Participants who reached 250 people from 35 countries and 70 NGOs with main sponsored by Qatar Charity, felt obliged to participate in formulating the rebuilding of Gaza. Recovering various conditions after military aggression for 51 days.


Thus, we are committed and stated:


  1. Thanking to Turkey, especially to the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he is willing to host this international conference. The seriousness of President Erdogan is expressed by sending his advisor to accept our invitation. Likewise Tunisian President Mohamed Moncef Marzouki, who sent their representatives, members of presidential of Tunis.
  2. The participants confirmed the International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza as a consortium of humanitarian organizations to build Gaza.
  3. The NGO delegations from various countries have committed to assist the construction of Gaza with a minimum donation of one million dollars as a contribution in a variety of humanitarian programs, infrastructure development, social services, education, health and so on.
  4. Refer to the entire world community to speed up the end of the blockade of Gaza that encages residents for years. Encourage legal practitioners to find the ways and drag the war criminals of Zionist Israel involved massacres and attacks on Gaza. Hopefully 2014 is the end of this inhumane blockade.
  5. Called on government coalition on Palestinians to unite and work hard to fight for the end of the blockade on Gaza.
  6. Called on the Egyptian government to open the Refah border which became the entrance to Gaza for humanitarian aid and medicine delivery, as well as the exit of injured war victims while giving them the opportunity covered by medical aid.
  7. Thanking the entire international community from around the world who continues to provide support to the population of Gaza. Especially, the two countries of Qatar and Turkey are known with their support, the government and its people.


Istanbul, 08.31.2014



International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza


After reading of the closing statement, a series event of the conference of the International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza that lasted for two days in Istanbul was ended. At the end of the event all participants again got information updates of donations, both from institutions and from individuals. Takbir victory echoed, Dr. Isham Yusuf led the Takbir as Takbir of Eid and Eid al-Adha. After that, the event continued by photo session and lunch.

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