Tracing the historical relationships of Al-Quds and Kudus – Kudus. Saturday, (9/23) Aspac for Palestine made a historical expedition to the city of Kudus, Central Java. The agenda is to re-establish the historical knot between the city of Al-Quds in Palestine and the city of Kudus in Central Java.

The journey begins at night and arrives in Jepara on Sunday daybreak. The event started with a Palestinian seminar with Dr. Amal, he is a Palestinian historical expert at the Syailendra hotel. In the afternoon the ASPAC team met with Mr. Tholib, one of Jepara residents who took part to make the replica of the pulpit in Masjid al-Aqsa.

The next day, followed by a trip to the city of Kudus towards Masjid Al-Quds which is known as Menara Kudus. Some of the information gained in this journey strengthens, that there is very close relationship between Palestine and the archipelago long before Indonesia get the independent. (mys /

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