Keep Fighting in Any Position

In the last two months, the author has noticed there has been a change of strategy in fighting for Palestine. Call it for example, Fatah movement that will be overwhelmed with administrative positions, because Hamas has stripped of all its positions in the Gaza Strip. As the author knows, Fatah is the largest part of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). The PLO is the official assembly of the Palestinian government which is internationally recognized, led by Mahmoud Abbas. Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah some time ago went to the Gaza Strip and Cairo, to ensure that. Fatah is struggling with his diplomatic path.

The author also heard news of a change of leadership of the political bureau within the Hamas movement, from Khaled Meshaal to Ismail Haneyya. Also announced the inclusion of Yahya Sinwar in the leadership of the movement established by Sheikh Ahmed Yasin. With this new leadership, how is the current reconciliation effort between the two movements, Hamas and Fatah? Hamas is currently struggling with a new leader.

In the third week of this month also held meeting of the International Alliance for the Liberation of al-Quds and Palestine, exactly on 19-20 October 2017 in Istanbul. Information that the author receives, there was an alteration leadership of the Alliance, from Dr. Abdurrahman Al-Barr and Sheikh Munir Said to Sheikh Hamam Said and Dr. Akram al-‘Adluny. In addition, there was also a change of leadership in the Women Alliance, from Dr. Amal Khalifah to Fatimah Sulaiman. Both Alliances were also currently struggling with new leadership.

In Indonesia, since last July the author heard there was structure change in one of Palestine organization namely the National Committee for the Palestinian People (KNRP). Currently the secretary general is Suhartono, replacing Heri Efendi. Similarly, the structure of KNRP in various regions in Indonesia change with new faces. KNRP is also struggling with new personnel.

Not only t KNRP changed its stewardship, ASPAC for Palestine also experienced something similar. Being more than five years, the stewardship structure will also change. The author itself, which since its establishment of ASPAC, is also among those who will move its position. Wherever it is, keep fighting for Palestine.

The struggle is the best top of charity, which is based on a correct understanding of the nature of the struggle and the sincerity of the doers. The sacred struggle is meaningless without sacrifice for everything. Sacrifice of time, energy, mind and even property, to life. The struggle to achieve the purposes must be in accordance with the rail.

Everyone can fight wherever and whenever, but must be in one command Struggle without command only results in futile death. The clear command, which comes from the leader, so that the direction of the struggle will be more meaningful.

The five examples illustrate the direction of each organization’s struggle. It will not matter if there is a change of strategy or leadership. Because it is clear what to fight for. For Palestine, freedom is like a lost item. But the responsibility of its search, charged to all world citizens who still care about human rights. Especially Muslims who have rahmatan lil ‘alamin project. (Salman Alfarisy)

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