Apartheid Wall Isolates The West Bank

The Israeli occupation was never satisfied with the territory they occupied in 1948. Because until now, the expansion of their colonies continued. In fact, such actions proved to violate international agreements that theyagreed. But that’s the character of Israel, they always violate all the agreements, it is proof that they are entities that do not obey the rules.

Not only that, the Israeli occupation seemed to have confidence, no party could stop anything they wanted. Even international organizations such as the United Nations unable to stand firm against Israel, they only condemn what Israel did. We couldsee from every Israeli military aggression against the Gaza Strip, the UN could notstop the attack, nor sentpeace troops to Gazato end the war, something that seems impossible.

The construction of racist wall or the apartheid wall in the West Bank is one example of how racist Israeli occupiers, theyare also ignoring international lawsthrough UN resolutions no. 242. The apartheidwall is the designation of the wall that separates the West Bank from the occupied territories of Israel. Construction began in 2002 during the Zionist Israel PM.Ariel Sharon until now. At that time Israel was still overshadowed by the fear of the upheaval of Al-Aqsa Intifada it made they thinkhard how to weaken resistance, and this wall became one of the solutions.

The wall was an Israeli cunning attempt to annex other Palestinian territories beyond the 1967 borders. Because physically, the 720-km long wall with 7-8 meters height and 5 meters depth, the construction is intentionally made over 20 km into the West Bank region. The purposeis to grab the region slowly. Israel itself reasoned, the construction of apartheid wall aims to avoid any intruders from Palestinian citizens and militants in the West Bank who entered the Israeli occupation.

There are at least 14 points of this apartheidwall outside the Green Zone, Israeli-Palestinian border international agreement in 1948. Which was in the six-day war in 1967 was occupied by Israel and forced out of the UN Resolution no. 242. But the borders broke againby Israel through the construction of the apartheidwall, to isolate 10% of Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Al-Quds.

In 2004, there was a vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations to address the construction of this apartheidwall. 150 member states denounced the action and called it illegal, and 6 countries supported it including US and Israel.

The end of the meeting only resulted in criticism, nothing more. As with other criticisms issued by the United Nations in addressing Israeli arrogance against the Palestinian people. And finally, the construction of the apartheidwall continues.

Now the Palestinian community in the West Bank is held hostage by the apartheid wall, separating it from theirfamilies in Al-Quds. In fact, many villages are isolated because of the wall, causing more than 1,400 families to evacuate, as they have difficulties to meettheir daily needs.

The crimesof humanity through this apartheidwall does not seem to be known to many people. Though the constructionproved to violate the International Law, in addition to aiming to expand the region with a target of controlling 45% of the West Bank region.

In the Gaza Strip the isolation takes place through a blockade that has been going on for more than 10 years, while in the West Bank the isolation takes place through the apartheidwall. It makes Palestine as the largest”prison”,they imprisoned in their homeland. At the same time, the international communities keep silent witnessing injustice befell them every day.

Muhammad Syarief


Coordinator of the Studyand Media Division

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