Aqsa Seminar 2: Liberation toward Baitul Maqdis

Malaysia, September 27, 2014 – Dr. Saiful Bahri, MA, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Community for Palestine again received invitation to be a resource person in the thematic seminar of al-Aqsa Mosque. This time Malaysia held the seminar. PACE (Palestine Centre of Excellence) in cooperation with Aqsa Syarif  and Friends of Aqsa of Kebangsaan University Malaysia held the event with a great topic SEMINAR AQSA 2, Liberation Toward Baitul Maqdis.

The event was held at the Kebangsaan University Malaysia, Selangor. Starting at 09.30 am with keynote speech by Dr. Aminurrasyid Yatiban, a lecturer at the Institute for Excellence for Islamic Jerusalem Studies (IEIJS) at Utara University Malaysia. Straightforward and detailed exposure of this PhD graduates of Aberdeen University, UK was awe-inspiring the participants because of the extensive scholarly insights about the Baitul Makdis specialization since taking master degree in UK. He continued his predecessors’ initiative in England who popularized terminology of Islamicjerussalem to translate words Baitul Makdis in various articles in various international journals published in the UK as well as in research that scientifically tested and got pretty good response from the academics. Although this terminology is still debatable as to invite the emergence of christianjerussalem or jewsjerussalem. Baitul Makdis itself is a term used in the hadith related to Sham. He then parses the naming of the term West Bank while the position and geographical location in the east of Palestine. So what is the relevancy with the East Bank of Jordan? What is Jordan’s national interest to the West Bank?

Appear as the First Keynote Speaker, Dr. Saiful Bahri, MA who is also Vice Chairman of the KSB-MUI parsed little about the landmarks and history of the al-Aqsa Mosque as the entry point to explain the dangers of international Zionist sacrilegesummarized in eleven points. Start from the tunnel excavation, land grabbing and eviction of citizens, inhuman treatment to the Muslim worshipers in the al-Aqsa mosque in form of physical violence and the prohibition for youth, tourism programs, high taxation, the physical destruction of the mosque, management intervention, and the main one is the rationalization of all they did from a mythical Solomon Temple that is still debatable.

Another important point that presented was Gaza with series of military aggression, then blockade for eight years and other inhumane acts are victims of tyrannical and heat ball for two Israeli interests. Internally, as one of the trial and political sale of Israelis. Externally breaking the sound of Palestinians, especially between resistance factions in Gaza and political factions in the West Bank. Expected with repeatedly of attacks, the criticism came flowing, humanitarian aid and international solidarity are garnering. But at the same time, the main Zionist project remains ongoing, that is illegal settlements and governance project of Jerusalem Al-Quds) in total, and particularly is al-Aqsa Mosque compound. Israel without Jerusalem is meaningless; Israel Kingdom without proving the myth Solomon Temple is unreal dream.

Warm conversation continues, when the session break is done. While enjoying a light meal, the speaker continued discussion about terminology of Islamicjerussalem and some current issues in the Middle East to the Scottish referendum.

The next session was filled by Palestine Centre for Excellence (PACE) on behalf of the organizers, Hussaini Abu Khalid one of the researchers on PACE describes their paper about the Palestinian resistance movement initiated by Hamas.

After a short break for lunch and praying Dhuhr, this one-day seminar continued to parallel session. In this session was presenting the panelists.

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Afandi Saleh, vice dean of the Faculty of Law at Sultan Zainal Abidin University, Prof. Madya Dr. Hafidzi Mohd Noor, a lecturer at Putra Malaysia University and presented again Dr. Saiful Bahri, MA post-graduate lecturer at the Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta. The panel discussion was moderated by Taufik Mohd Hussin Former Chairman of ISN (Ikram National Student) Master of Islamic Banking who working as Sharia Auditor at CIMB.

The panel discussion that was going on in two rounds talked about variety of themes, from the myths of conquest Baitul Maqdis to the modern politics of the Middle East.

Dr. Saiful were first asked about the process and the story of the conquest of Baitul Makdis briefly explained the strategy of Omar and peace agreement in Al-Quds. This exposure was also confronting the questions posed by the moderator.

“We do not need to have Superman or Spiderman to liberate Baitul Maqdis from colonialism and humiliation. We have Omar and Saladin. They are not a myth, but tangible as human as we are” he said, “We just need to follow the factors and secrets of their success. Imitate, do it with little modifications upon the era”


 While Dr. Hafidzi who is also chairman of Aqsa Syarif answered questions about the map of the Palestinian resistance and whether this is a reaction to current conditions. And Dr. Afandi as a professor of law and international relations talk about bilateral relations between Jordan and Israel.

The second round of discussion was more exciting after getting a response from the audience that highlight the political map of Southeast Asia and the Middle East and different responses of the Palestinian cause.

The atmosphere in the second round was getting warmed when the panelists have different views on some issues.

Dr. Hafidzi proposed the importance of studying the history of the war, or at least could take the lessons of modern war films. United States which was losing in Afghanistan saved their face by using the exit strategy; in fact they lost and want to come out with their heads held high. The same thing was done in Vietnam. Therefore the strategy and strengthening resistance fighters is necessary crystallized with a lot to learn the history of warfare. “I do not like to read love novels,” he said.

Dr. Saiful emphasized in every episode of the war always brings a powerful love story. Like Shafiyah bint Huyay who lost her two important persons, her husband Kinana ibn Rabi’ Jewish leader of Khaybar and his son Akhthab Huyay prominent Jews of Medina. Both were killed in battle against the Muslims. But the light of God becomes dominant in the Shafiyah soul; she accepted Islam and later became the wife of the Prophet Muhammad. The Muslims’ suspicion that she would plotting revenge unproven and even contrary; she defended Islam with an outstanding defense.

The heroic story of Saladin cannot be separated from a woman, Ismah Khotun, who was a widow of Sultan Nuruddin Zanky. She received the marriage proposal of Saladin and willing to be his wife, to splice the sultan’s dream, liberating the al-Aqsa Mosque.

In modern war there is always a proxy war and psy-war that actually has also been done by the shahaba in various expeditions and Futuhat Islamiyah.

“Free Al-Aqsa Mosque with love. Fight man with love” lid Dr. Saiful ended the discussion.

At this seminar there were exhibitions of books and merchandise of Palestine. The Forbidden Country Book by Dr. Saiful Bahri, M.A was sold out. Mini Encyclopedia of Masjid al-Aqsa created by the team works of Asian Pacific Community for Palestine was sold well. In end of the session, the participants were taken picture together after got autograph from Dr. Saiful Bahri.


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