Al-Qibly Arson Attack

For a long time, the Zionist Israel have shown their arrogant and greedy attitude, we could see how massive their actions in seizing the Palestinian land in which there is Al-Aqsa Mosque (the heritage of the ummah). There are so many evil ways to shut down the existence of Muslims in the Palestinian territories especially the eastern part of Al-quds.

One of their actions that Muslims could not forget was the burning of the Al-Qibly mosque in Al-Aqsa Compound. The incident occurred in 1969 which two years earlier Zionist Israel succeeded in occupying East Al-Quds. The burning of Al-Qibly mosque was carried out by an Australian extremist Zionist who came as a tourist named Dennis Michael Rohan.

Other facts were found that there was much evidences that leads to the involvement of Israeli occupation authorities in such crimes, as they cut the water supply from Al-Qibli Chapel and its surroundings and was reluctant to send fire engines, and also the Palestinians along with the fire trucks being barred from getting to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Some of the landmarks affected by the burning action included: Saladin pulpit, mihrab Zakariya, 3 corridors, 2 poles, 1 dome, 74 wooden windows and the entire carpet of the mosque. The fire burned one-third to one-fourth of Al-Qibly mosque as well as the pulpit of Nur al-Din Zanky. And finally, Dennis was arrested by Israeli forces, but later Israeli authorities released him and he returned to his country allegedly having a psychiatric illness. Al-Qibly Mosque successfully rescued by Palestinians and renovated back in 1970 by the reconstruction committee that has been established.


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