In Mu’jam al-Buldân mentioned; the name Africa came from a ruler of Saba’ in Yemen, Ifriqis bin Shaifiy, who was defeated by the Ethiopians. Chased and dashed into Libya, passing through the desert, and met the Barbarian tribe that inhabits the fertile and the green lands. The name Africa was first popular in the east of the continent. Some Arab historians and writers, taking the derivation of the name Africa from the word “fu-ri-qa” which means separated or divided. Because of geographically, African soil is separate from Europe and Asia. Africa is separated by the Mediterranean Sea that separates it with Europe and the Red Sea that borders it with Asia. A small part – at the edge of Egypt – then split along 160 kilometers and is called the Suez Canal.

If Egypt is the gate of Islam in Africa, then the Barbarian tribe is the Islam gateway to Europe. Not surprisingly, if along the northern coast of Africa and parts of the eastern region, Islam is dominant, while previously unseen. Slowly but surely, the ancient Egyptian civilization was synonymous with the progress of stone civilization, but ideologically a land of worship of many gods and many titles for their Lord. Egypt changes color. Likewise the countries of the northern coast, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania; even then referred to as Arab countries. This mention is not ethnologically or geographically based. This naming is more ideological nuanced. Islam is embedded as an identity, blending with the Arabic term that characterizes the communication of the Muslim community at that time. This color of Islam is not only happening in the north and east, but spreads to the west, middle, to the south, although the population and the quantity percentage are different.

The fertile country, once became a target of colonization. After the European industrial revolution, the European developed countries annexed the countries of Africa and Asia. They colonized the countries to exploit the natural resources and enslave their people. Although physically the occupation is on target, but ideologically not much effect. North African coast, the color of Islam remains dominant and Arabic becomes the official language and communications of its people.

If the physical colonization had been done in the past, then in the era of telecommunication revolution and post-third wave -borrowing the third wave term of Alvin Tofler- physical colonization done as finishing mental colonization. Some African countries are now become proxy of the interests of big countries. As happened in the the case in Asia, including in Indonesia.

No wonder, if the Zionist Israel target Africa. They are about to gain influence. Starting from the middle, because they think that they already grasping the entrance of Africa, Egypt as one of the door. With the jargon of Israel-Africa normalization, they are about to hold the summit in Togo this October. Africa, still have conscience and solidarity with the Palestinians. This normalization stream is blocked and canceled. World media headlines preach undecided time delay that has not been definitive. Of course, the Africans still hope this normalization is not declared.

Africans know that Israeli occupation over Palestine cannot be justified. They know, some officials or businessmen and rich people in this continent play behind and take advantage of this normalization. Those who are already in a relationship definitely want an endorsement of what is done. Alhamdulillah, the conscience of the majority of the people reject it. Because, indeed, colonization cannot be justified in humanity. Especially if the human being is Muslim, then there are at least two knots that make it reject the Israeli occupation, the humanitarian knot and ideological knot. May the African people and the governments of their countries consistently refuse to deal with the Israeli occupation. WalLâhu al-Musta’ân.


Blessing Note 69

Jakarta, 18.09.2017


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