Achievement Races

Racehorses usually will be bolted faster when approaching the finish line. Because the rider knows there must be something he gets in the finish line. That is the achievement of victory that is always coveted by people who are racing.

The month of Ramadan has entered the final round, left just a week. Some people started to lose concentration. Though the Messenger of Allah PBUH when entering this time, he tightened his belt and woke his family to revive the last nights. It is aimed to achieve the glory of Laylat el-Qadr. Use the best possible opportunity to get his blessing.

Every day Allah provides a special time, in the last third of the night. Every week He gives a special time on Friday. Each month we are fasted in the three days in the middle of month (13,14 and 15) known as ayyâm al-baidh. So, every year Allah gives an opportunity to achieve accomplishment when Ramadan comes. And more special is when time has entered in the last third of this blessing month.

Messenger of Allah PBUH even cited with doing e’tikaaf (an Islamic practice consisting of a period of staying in a mosque) until the end of the month, by staying in the mosque and improve the quality and quantity of worship.

Although this kind of personal piety and kindness is highly recommended to be improved. However, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) incarnated much more generously when Ramadan. In this month, zakat fitrah is fulfilled. In this blessed month that most Muslims pay their Zakah on their property, as well as their Kaffara (fidyah). The hearts of Muslims should also be softer to those who need attention. The weak, the oppressed, the unfortunate people.

Refugees, victims of war and armed conflicts, in various countries. Especially, a nation that until now has no state. They are expelled from their legitimate homeland. Expelled by oppression supported by international forces. Abandoned by the world nations. Far from the attention of decision-makers in various developed countries and “supposedly” to glorify human rights. Palestinian nation. A nation that has the largest diaspora in the world. They are scattered in shelters in some Sham countries. The rest are probably a little better, wandering in different parts of the world in many countries.

Then, with the moments of the month of mercy and compassion, their conditions should better. Their hope is realized. Difficulties that squeeze them should be lifted or at least lightened. In addition to the material assistance they really need and they also need to recover the school buildings and learning places. Assist medical needs in some hospitals. Relieve the unemployed who lost their jobs. Help them with prayers that are also highly be expected and necessary. Tell and ask the Almighty to lift the burdens of their lives. So that they are lift from the real siege, which is apparent but left to many humans. In order for them to immediately gain sovereignty to govern themselves. The freedom which is the right of every living man who only worships Allah.

O the hunters of Laylat el-Qadr. Be reconciled to get the achievement and victory. By reviving the nights with obedience and lengthening the bright day by raising the hope of goodness and spreading the grace through zakat and alms to the oppressed (dhuafa), the refugees and the Fuqara’ (poor) andAl-Masakin (the needy).

Smart people will use this opportunity very well. Smart people are cautious and capable of spurring speed at the end of the race.

The hunters of goodness welcome this opportunity. Make happy the dhuafa so that the heart becomes more tender and make Allah more love and spread love to us.


Blessing note 59

Sydney, 17.06.2017 



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