70 Israeli conscripts break into the Aqsa Mosque in their uniform

Around 70 Israeli conscripts broke into and toured the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem after noon prayers on Tuesday, the Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage said.

AFEH said that the tour was organized by the Israeli army as part of the so-called guiding tours, adding that the 70 conscripts entered in one batch in military uniform and were protected by special forces.

The Foundation pointed out that 26 Jewish settlers defiled the holy site in two batches before and after the noon prayers, and tried to offer Talmudic rituals but were confronted by Aqsa guards and worshipers.

It said that hundreds of Jerusalemites and Palestinians of 1948 occupied Palestine maintain vigil inside the Aqsa Mosque on daily basis especially in the morning.

The Foundation said that the Palestinians act as a human shield to defend the Aqsa, and called on the Arab and Muslim countries to assume their duties toward the holy site. (infopalestina)

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